Anglia Ruskin Boat Club

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Anglia Ruskin Boat Club
Image showing the rowing club's emblem
Emmanuel College Boathouse Cambridge.jpg
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
Coordinates52°12′38.6″N 0°8′4.3″E / 52.210722°N 0.134528°E / 52.210722; 0.134528 (Emmanuel College Boathouse)Coordinates: 52°12′38.6″N 0°8′4.3″E / 52.210722°N 0.134528°E / 52.210722; 0.134528 (Emmanuel College Boathouse)
Home waterRiver Cam
Former namesCCAT Boat Club
MembershipAnglia Ruskin University
AffiliationsBritish Rowing

Anglia Ruskin Boat Club (ARBC) is the rowing club for members of Anglia Ruskin University. It was known as CCAT Boat Club (usually said as sea cat) until 2008. The name CCAT derives from a former name for the University, the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology, which is abbreviated to CCAT; the boat club has chosen to retain the name CCAT for historical reasons. It was once thought the club would lose its positions in the bumps races if the name were changed, but that is urban legend (as is the notion that a club must retain 'college' in its name).


CCAT M2 Blade-winning bump on Robinson M3
W1 blades crew in 2007

Although not affiliated with Cambridge University, ARBC have rowed in the Lent and May Bumps since the 1980s as a guest club. CCAT first put a men's crew on in 1988 in both events, and rose quickly to lie in the middle of the 2nd division in both sets of bumps races, although recently have slipped into the lower half; the women first appeared in the May Bumps in 1983 and Lent Bumps in 1984, but have only had a continuous presence since 1987 in both events. ARBC 1st women rose to take a place in the bottom of the Lents 1st division in the late 1990s but have since faded to the bottom of the 2nd division. In the May Bumps, ARBC 1st women rose to get into the 1st division for two days in 2002 but have now also fallen to the bottom of the 2nd division. In the 2003 May bumps, the Ladies 2nd VIII won blades, by bumping an unprecedented 5 bumps (Jesus IV, Robinson II, Sidney Sussex II, Hughes Hall, Homerton II).

ARBC crews also participate in other races and regattas throughout the year, on and off the River Cam, including Bedford, Peterborough, and London, where crews have enjoyed numerous success over the recent years. ARBC 1st Women won the ARA Novice 8+ Plate Competition in Bedford Regatta 2006, and both the 1st Men and 1st Women won the Sunday Novice 8+ races at Peterborough Regatta 2006, with ARBC women taking first, second, and third place in the final. In 2007 Peterborough Regatta, ARBC enjoyed particular success with the Men and Women's 1st VIIIs winning their Senior 4 8+ events on Saturday, and the 2nd Women's VIII winning their Novice 8+ event on Sunday; as well, the 1st Women finished 97th out of 274 crews from across the UK and Europe in the Women's Eights Head of the River Race in London in 2006.

In 2014 the women's crew won Blades at the May Bumps, bumping Clare Hall, Fitzwilliam II, First & Third II and Newnham III.

In 2017 the men’s crew won Blades at May Bumps.


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