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Angvundaschorr Massif (Russian spelling: массив Ангвундасчорр, "mountain with sandy slopes" as translated from the Saami language) is a mountain massif in Lovozerskiye Tundras mountain range (Kola Peninsula, Russia).

Mount Angvundaschorr is the highest point in the area with an altitude of 1120 m.

The Angvundaschorr Pass between Angvundaschorr and Kedykvampakhk (Кедыкварпахк) peaks connects the valleys of the brooks Chinglusuai and Sengisyok.

The mountain is a tourist attraction because of its legend according to which Angvundaschorr bears an imprint of the killed warlock Kuyva and thus the mountain is considered to be forbidding for the rock-climbers.

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Coordinates: 67°49′52″N 34°31′40″E / 67.8311°N 34.5278°E / 67.8311; 34.5278