Anicius Petronius Probus

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Western Roman Emperor Honorius, depicted on the consular diptych of Probus (406, Aosta, CIL V, 6836)

Flavius Anicius Petronius Probus (floruit 395-406) was a politician of the Western Roman Empire.


A member of the gens Anicia, he was the son of Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus[1] (consul in 371) and of Anicia Faltonia Proba;[2] his elder brothers were Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius and Anicius Probinus (consuls in 395), and his sister was Anicia Proba.[1][2][3]

In 395, he is attested as quaestor elected by the Emperor,[1][2] and in 406 was consul contemporaneously with the Eastern Emperor Arcadius;[3][4][5] one of his consular diptychs is preserved at the Museo del tesoro della cattedrale di Aosta, and depicts Emperor Honorius.

Probus was a Christian.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Arcadius
Succeeded by
Theodosius II