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Wood and Elvis on a ferris wheel, 1960

Anita Marie Wood Brewer (born c. 1937 [1]) (also known as Little Bitty and Little [2]) was a TV performer,[1] recording artist and girlfriend[3][4][5] to Elvis Presley. She later married NFL football player Johnny Brewer.[3][4] Presley and Wood met in 1957 and in the same year Presley referred to Wood as his "No. 1 Girl".[4] The two dated seriously for several years[6] from 1957 to 1962.[7] Wood signed a contract to work as an actress for Paramount Pictures, but later gave it up for Presley.[8] In 1976, Johnny Brewer sued the Memphis Publishing Company for libel when it reported that Anita Brewer was divorced from Brewer and reunited with Presley in Las Vegas.[4] Anita Wood appeared on the Larry King show in 2005 to talk about her romance with Elvis Presley.[7]

Anita recorded for ABC-Paramount (1958); Sun (1961); and Santo (1963). She also worked on the Andy Williams TV Show (summer 1958) and is the uncredited vocalist with Williams on "The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au)," a Top 15 hit in early 1959.

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