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Anselme Payen

Anselme Payen was a French chemist known for discovering the enzyme diastase, the carbohydrate cellulose. Payen was born in Paris, he began studying science with his father when he was a 13-year-old, studied Chemistry at the École Polytechnique under the chemists Louis Nicolas Vauquelin and Michel Eugène Chevreul. At the age of 23, Payen became manager of a borax-refining factory, where he developed a process for synthesizing borax from soda and boric acid. All borax had been imported from the East Indies by the Dutch. Payen's new method of synthesizing borax allowed him to sell the mineral at one third the going price, break the Dutch monopoly. Payen developed processes for refining sugar, along with a way to refine starch and alcohol from potatoes, a method for determination of nitrogen. Payen invented a decolorimeter, which dealt with the analysis, decolorization and crystallization of sugar. Payen discovered the first enzyme, diastase, in 1833, he is known for isolating and naming the carbohydrate cellulose.

In 1835, Payen became a professor at École Centrale Paris. He was elected professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, he died in Paris on May 13, 1871. The American Chemical Society's Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division has established an annual award in his honor, the Anselme Payen Award

Conservative Friends of the Chinese

The Conservative Friends of the Chinese is linked to the Conservative Party in the UK, is a membership organization which engages with the British Chinese community and on UK - China relations. It campaigns for the Conservative Party in the British Chinese community, it has been referred to by Anne Applebaum as a lobby group that has many prominent parliamentarians as its members and one that lobbies within the U. K. political system. The Group has been credited with helping the Conservative Party win over the British Chinese community. In the run up to the British General Elections in 2015, it was reported by YouGov and The Times that the'Tories have won over Britain's Chinese community' and'the party has a 22-point lead among Britons of Chinese origin, who number 400,000 in England and Wales.' The organisation's Director is based at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters at 4 Matthew Parker Street in Central London. Since its formation, the group has organised a series of high profile and well attended events by UK Cabinet Ministers in to engage the British Chinese community.

The Group was launched by Boris Johnson in May 2013 to an audience of 200 from the community and followed by an event at No. 11 Downing Street with the Chancellor George Osborne. Its parliamentary arm has organised Chatham House rules events in the British Parliament with Government Ministers, politicians and leading business figures such as Sir Martin Sorrell of the WPP group, Lord Chris Patten, Carrie Gracie of BBC China, their mission is to develop meaningful interaction and understanding between the Conservative Party and the various British Chinese communities. The Conservative Friends of the Chinese is a member-led organisation that champions the values and culture of the British Chinese communities and emphasises the parallels with the beliefs of the Conservative Party, it advocates for closer relations between China and Britain and is an impressive source of information on China, the British Chinese communities and the global Chinese Diaspora for its key stakeholders. The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP Chairs: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Lord Wei of Shoreditch The Group is reputed to be one of the largest organisations in the British Chinese community with members from all walks of the community, including key community and business leaders.

Lord Michael Dobbs, the author of House of Cards, is a Board member of the group, as is Michael Bates, Baron Bates, whose wife is Chinese. Another active member of the group is Alan Mak, the Conservative MP for Havant. He, however has been quoted in the media saying'he cares little for his ethnic identity, preferring to focus more on the "bigger and more important" issues, he dismissed as naive the belief that his victory would mean the party would better address the needs of the 500,000 or so British Chinese and East Asians, the country's third-largest ethnic group. "And I have no interest in what people in Hong Kong or China think of me, because I am not representing them. I am representing the people of Havant...'. A former Political Director of the group is Jackson Ng, a Barrister and a political advisor in the House of Lords, the Conservative Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Liverpool Riverside in the May 2015 British General Elections and St Helens North for the June 2017 General Elections.

The Conservative Friends of the Chinese works with other affiliated groups of the Conservative Party and they are listed below. Conservative Parliamentary China Group Conservative Friends of the Chinese - Chinese Conservative Group, Cities of London & Westminster Conservative Association The Shanghai Blue Club - Conservatives Abroad The Beijing Blue Club - Conservatives Abroad

On Approval (1944 film)

On Approval is a 1944 British romantic comedy film, directed and co-written by Clive Brook. Brook starred, with Beatrice Lillie, Googie Withers and Roland Culver, it is the second film adaptation of the play On Approval by Frederick Lonsdale, the first being the 1930 film of the same name. In this version, the setting was moved from the 20th century back to the late Victorian period. George, 10th Duke of Bristol, his friend Richard Halton are poverty-stricken members of the British upper class, George having squandered his money on women, they attend a party at George's own London home, let to the young and attractive American Helen Hale. At the soiree, George is rude to a rich widow with whom he is acquainted. Richard will not tell her so due to his poverty. Meanwhile, George is oblivious to the fact that Helen is in love with him, finds the thought of marriage distasteful. Maria grows tired of waiting for Richard to make his feelings known and proposes that they spend a month together as man and wife in Scotland "on approval" to see how they get along.

George, much to their mutual discomfort, invites himself along. They are soon joined by Helen; the unexpected arrival of additional - and unmarried - guests disturbs Mrs McCosh, Maria's housekeeper, she soon departs, taking with her all of the household servants. The two couples are left to fend for themselves. Richard does his best to please the demanding Maria, though Helen advises him to tell her to "go to hell". George, in the meantime and does nothing to help out. At the end of three weeks, Maria tells Richard that she is willing to marry him and to settle £5000 a year on him, but when he discovers that what he had thought was a test of his patience turns out to be the way she behaves he turns her down. At the same time, George decides he asks her to marry him, she would have been happy to accept his proposal three weeks before, but after becoming better acquainted with him, she turns him down. She begins having second thoughts and she and Richard set about making the others jealous and leave the island together for the hotel on the mainland.

As it turns out and Maria have the same idea. Both Helen and Richard have nightmares about their loved ones, together alone in Maria's house, speed back there; when Richard climbs up to Maria's bedroom window, she is frightened by the unknown intruder and rushes to George's room. There is where Richard find them together. Recriminations soon follow; the film flashes forward to Helen, showing the family photo album to her two sons. The narrator addresses her as Lady Bristol, she has married Richard. Clive Brook took this popular play and placed it in the late Victorian era, where the concept would've been much more shocking. Brook wrote the screenplay and directed the film. It's one of the few films featuring Beatrice Lillie referred to as "The funniest woman in the world" for her eccentric personality and portrayals in so many amusing stage plays and revues; the film begins with an amusing documentary-style prologue about contemporary life in 1942 England, which serves to introduce Brook's character, George, in the late Victorian era.

Filmmaker Lindsay Anderson called the film "the funniest British light comedy made". On Approval was the "dark horse" of the 2014 edition of the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival; the first screening of On Approval, held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on the first full day of the festival, was a sell-out prompting a second showing at the Chinese on the final day of the festival. The two screenings were introduced by film historian Jeffrey Vance, who recorded an audio commentary track for the Blu-ray edition of the film. On Approval on IMDb

These Heaux

"These Heaux" is a song recorded by American Internet personality and rapper Bhad Bhabie. It was released on August 24, 2017, as the rapper's debut single and she subsequently became the youngest rapper to have a single debut on the Billboard Hot 100, after the song peaked at number 77; the song debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 77 in the week of September 23, 2017. It made Bhabie the third-youngest solo artist of all time to chart on the Hot 100, behind JoJo and Stevie Wonder. Learning about her song's chart position on Spotify just a spot below Taylor Swift's much more publicized "Look What You Made Me Do" in streaming services, Bhabie told TMZ " someone who's been well-known for a long time and I'm someone who's just getting into the music game, it's kinda crazy how I can just be one below her." The song appeared to reference rapper Tyga about his repossessed Maybach vehicle and her father. The song's title was inspired after her cousin Logan Muirhead was complaining about his French teacher being a "hoe" it applies a French spelling to the slang word "hoe".

The -eaux suffix is the plural form of nouns ending in -eau in the French language and is a common ending for Louisiana Cajun surnames like Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. The official music video, directed by Good Boy Shady, was posted to Bhabie's YouTube channel on August 30, 2017. In the video, Bhabie cruises around the streets of Venice, mocking her "haters" who protest. A lookalike of Kylie Jenner appeared in the video

Independence Palace, Minsk

Independence Palace is a palace in Minsk. Located on the Pieramožcaŭ Avenue, near the exhibition center "BelExpo" and the State Flag Square, not far from Victory Park; the purpose of the Palace of Independence is to host important and landmark events, meetings of foreign delegations, honoring of big families, the admitting of children to pioneer organizations. On 7 May 2013 Alexander Lukashenko said: The idea of this complex is to present the last biggest point of our independence visually. If you wish, this is a visual demonstration that Belarus is a country that has everything: the land, the coat-of-arms, this Independence Palace; the total area of the Palace of Independence is around 50,000 square meters and has several hundred rooms within. The Palace of Independence is oriented; the first official events in the palace were the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of heads of state, the meeting of the Council of CIS heads of state. On February 25, 2014, Alexander Lukashenko awarded three-time champion of the 2014 Winter Olympics Darya Domracheva the Hero of Belarus medal.

The meeting on Ukrainian crisis between presidents of Russia, Belarus and representatives of the European Union was held at the Palace of Independence in Minsk on 26 August 2014. Notes

1971–72 QMJHL season

The 1971–72 QMJHL season was the third season in the history of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Ten teams played 62 games each in the schedule; the Cornwall Royals finished first place in the regular season, won the President's Cup, defeating the Quebec Remparts in the finals. The Royals won the 1972 Memorial Cup, representing the QMJHL at the first Memorial Cup round-robin tournament; the Rosemont National relocate to Laval, becoming the Laval National. Note: GP = Games played. Note: GP = Games played. QuarterfinalsCornwall Royals defeated Verdun Maple Leafs 4 games to 0. Drummondville Rangers defeated Trois-Rivières Ducs 4 games to 1. Quebec Remparts defeated Sherbrooke Castors 4 games to 0. Shawinigan Bruins defeated Sorel Éperviers 4 games to 0. SemifinalsCornwall Royals defeated Shawinigan Bruins 4 games to 1. Quebec Remparts defeated Drummondville Rangers 4 games to 0. FinalsCornwall Royals defeated Quebec Remparts 4 games to 1 tie. First teamGoaltender - Richard Brodeur, Cornwall Royals Left defence - Guy Provost, Drummondville Rangers Right defence - Richard Campeau, Sorel Éperviers Left winger - Claude St. Sauveur, Sherbrooke Castors Centreman - Jacques Richard, Quebec Remparts Right winger - Rejean Giroux, Quebec Remparts Coach - Orval Tessier, Cornwall RoyalsSecond teamGoaltender - Denis Herron, Trois-Rivières Ducs Left defence - Denis Deslauriers, Shawinigan Bruins Right defence - Jean Hamel, Drummondville Rangers Left winger - Noel Desfosses, Sorel Éperviers Centreman - Gerry Teeple, Cornwall Royals Right winger - Maurice Desfosses, St-Jérôme Alouettes Coach - Ghislain Delage, Sorel Éperviers List of First/Second/Rookie team all-stars.

TeamPresident's Cup - Playoff Champions, Cornwall Royals Jean Rougeau Trophy - Regular Season Champions, Cornwall RoyalsPlayerJean Béliveau Trophy - Top Scorer, Jacques Richard, Quebec Remparts Jacques Plante Memorial Trophy - Best GAA, Richard Brodeur, Cornwall Royals Michel Bergeron Trophy - Rookie of the Year, Bob Murray, Cornwall Royals Frank J. Selke Memorial Trophy - Most sportsmanlike player, Gerry Teeple, Cornwall Royals 1972 Memorial Cup 1972 NHL Entry Draft 1971–72 OHA season 1971–72 WCHL season Official QMJHL Website