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Anth: A Dream for a Better Tomorrow is a 1994 Indian action film directed by Sanjay Khanna, produced by Ashok Honda and starred Sunil Shetty and Somy Ali in pivotal roles. Paresh Rawal, Deepak Shirke, Mohan Joshi, Makrand Deshpande, Alok Nath and Vijayendra Ghatge featured in the film. Kali is a local ruffian; the principal Satyaprakash is helpless to stop him because Kali is the son of Dabala, one of the biggest gangsters in town. The principal has two sons and a daughter - Vikas and Pooja. Vijay is in love with Priya, a colleague of his in his engineering company. Kali rapes Pooja, the corrupt inspector Shirke puts the blame on Pooja's fiancée, has him killed while in custody; this enrages Vijay and he embarks upon a bloody and violent fight to cleanse the city of ruffians like Kali and Shirke. ACP Kulkarni shows up in a cameo as an honest ACP. Sunil Shetty... Vijay Saxena Somy Ali... Priya Paresh Rawal... Daabla Alok Nath... Principal Satyaprakash Saxena Deepak Shirke... Inspector Shirke Neena Gupta...

Mrs. Vikas Saxena Rita Bhaduri... Priya's mom Makrand Deshpande... Kali Vijayendra Ghatge... Advocate Vikas Saxena Mohan Joshi... ACP Kulkarni The music was composed by Anand-Milind; the film was a success at the box office. One particular long action sequence features Shetty and Ali on a motorcycle, with Shetty clenching a sten gun in his hand; the raunchy song "Aa Ja Jaane Jaa", gained popularity among the masses, thanks to some steamy shots between the leads. The film won the Filmfare Best Action Award. Anth on IMDb

Niamh Fisher-Black

Niamh Fisher-Black is a New Zealand professional racing cyclist, who rides for UCI Women's Continental Team Bigla–Katusha. She is the older sister of fellow racing cyclist Finn Fisher-Black, was educated at Nelson College for Girls. 2017 3rd Road race, National Junior Road Championships 2018 9th Road race, Oceania Junior Road Championships 2019 National Junior Road Championships 4th Road race 6th Time trial 9th Gravel and Tar 2020 1st Road race, National Road Championships National Under-23 Road Championships 1st Road race 3rd Time trial 1st Gravel and Tar 2016 1st National Junior Championships 2017 1st National Junior Championships Niamh Fisher-Black at Cycling Archives Niamh Fisher-Black at ProCyclingStats

1825 in Wales

This article is about the particular significance of the year 1825 to Wales and its people. Prince of Wales – vacant Princess of Wales – vacant 2 January – The square-rigged transatlantic ocean liner Diamond strikes Sarn Badrig in Cardigan Bay and sinks; the first public wharves are built at Portmadoc. Rails for the Stockton and Darlington Railway are made at Ebbw Vale. Publication of Seren Gomer moves to Carmarthen. Sir Thomas Foley becomes an admiral. John Brickdale Blakeway and Hugh Owen – A History of Shrewsbury Felicia Hemans – The Forest Sanctuary John Davies – Y Gog Peter Bailey Williams – Tragwyddol Orphwysfa'r Saint Jedediah Richards – Diddanwch y Pererinion 15 January – Eleazar Roberts and musician 25 January – Robert Piercy, civil engineer 7 June – R. D. Blackmore, English novelist of Anglo-Welsh parentage 12 February – John Humffreys Parry, antiquary, 39 24 February – Thomas Bowdler, editor, 70 16 April – Hugh Jones, hymn-writer, 75 2 May – Michael Hughes, industrialist, 72 9 June – Abraham Rees, encyclopaedist, 81 10 August – Joseph Harris, Baptist minister and editor, 52 12 September – Sir Thomas Stepney, 9th Baronet, groom of the bedchamber to Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany and last of his line, 65

Joint Body

Joint Body is a 2011 American crime thriller film written and directed by Brian Jun and starring Mark Pellegrino and Alicia Witt. The film is about a convict, abandoned by his ex-wife and prevented from seeing his young daughter; as a parolee he develops a relationship with a lonely and troubled woman, whom he saves from a violent attack, killing the assailant in the process. Once more on the run, he is forced to re-evaluate his freedom as he evades the law and faces demons from his past; the film was shot on location in various small towns in southern Illinois: Alton, Wood River, East Alton, Jerseyville. Produced by James Choi, Brian Jun, Max Velez for 40/West, the film premiered on April 29, 2011 at the Newport Beach Film Festival. While doing time in prison for a violent offense, Nick Burke is visited by his wife who informs him that after waiting for seven years, she is divorcing him and has taken out a restraining order against him to prevent him from seeing their daughter. Sometime after accepting the parole board's condition that he relinquish all custodial rights of his daughter, he is given his freedom.

Now in his mid-forties and determined to start a new life, Nick tries to find his way back into society and move beyond his violent criminal past. He meets with his parole officer, finds a small motel room, attends an AA meeting. Nick's younger brother Dean visits him at the motel and describes his life as a newlywed and police officer, having just graduated from the police academy. Although their relationship seems strained, Nick still looks to connect with his brother though he never visited him in prison. Before leaving, Dean gives his older brother a gun for protection. Nick soon finds work at a manufacturing plant. At the motel, Nick meets a lonely and troubled stripper named Michelle Page, whose isolated life is interrupted by the deaths of her elderly neighbors. Nick asks his attractive neighbor out for coffee, the two begin to share their stories with each other. One morning, Michelle's former acquaintance Danny Wilson, whom she hasn't seen in three years, shows up after his three-year tour of duty in Afghanistan, expecting to rekindle their relationship.

Michelle hardly knows this man. When Michelle rejects his advances and his demands for a personal reward for his service to his country, he sticks a gun in her face and brutally rapes her in her room. Hearing the commotion, Nick runs to her room with his brother's gun in hand. In the confrontation, both men are shot — Danny is mortally wounded. In the coming days, Michelle visits Nick in the hospital as he recovers from his gunshot wound to the stomach; when he learns that Danny died from his wounds, knowing that he violated his parole and would be sent back to prison—no matter how good his intentions in stopping the attack, Nick leaves the hospital with Michelle's help, the two drive to the home of Nick's brother Dean and his pregnant wife. There they get a glimpse of a domestic life they have never known; the relationship between the two brothers remains strained, yet Nick reaches out to make some familial connection with Dean, whose only advice is to "disappear". The next morning and Michelle leave in Nick's old truck, knowing they have become outlaws on the run.

They find solace in each other's arms that night in a motel. Soon after, police detectives arrive at Dean's house with the gun he gave his brother. Convinced that Michelle gave the gun to police, when Nick calls, Dean tells him that she betrayed him. Nick confronts Michelle about the gun, she swears she did not give it to the police — that they must have discovered where she had hidden the weapon; that night they have sex. In the morning, Michelle discovers that Nick has abandoned her for her own protection. Back at her motel, Michelle is arrested by the police and she is taken to jail. Meanwhile, Nick drives to his daughter's school and meets one of her teachers, who tells him she is doing fine. After school, he observes his daughter leaving with her friends. Sometime on a quiet deserted lake, Nick floats across the water in his old boat. Mark Pellegrino as Nick Burke Alicia Witt as Michelle Page Bellamy Young as Jane Chapman Tom Guiry as Danny Wilson Ryan O'Nan as Dean Burke Carlos Michael Hagene as Club Patron Robert Nolan Clark as Shop Foreman Vis Brown as Commissioner Ryan Matthew Linhardt as Todd Emma Ve as Lawyer Daesha Lynn as Caroline'Chaz' Burke Matthew Terry as Ex-convict James Anthony as Cappy Knight Bradley Blackorby as Unnamed Cop Paul Strathman as Lawyer at Hearing Michael W. McClure as Doctor Scott Woelfel as Cop #1 Joint Body was filmed on location in various small towns in southern Illinois, USA.

The soundtrack included written and performed by Alicia Witt. In his review in Cranes Are Flying, Robert Kennedy wrote that Pellegrino and Witt are "both excellent", but that the film suffered from the director's script, "abysmally weak". Kennedy went on to write: The narrative couldn't be more hackneyed and stereotypical, where there's no investment whatsoever in a unique idea or vision, where the audience is rather appalled at the choices the characters make, as they appear to be smarter than that. It's a waste of good performances. Joint Body was released on DVD on July 24, 2012. Joint Body on IMDb Joint Body at Rotten Tomatoes Joint Body at AllMovie

China United Airlines

China United Airlines Co. Ltd. is a budget airline and subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines with its headquarters in Fengtai District, operating scheduled flights and charter services in co-operation with local enterprises out of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The airline had its headquarters in another area in Fengtai District, Beijing. China United Airlines was established in 1986 as an arm of the civil transport division of the People's Liberation Army Air Force. In November 2002, all scheduled services were ceased, followed by a full suspension of flight operations in 2003 due to a Chinese governmental regulation prohibiting the Army from being directly involved in commercial activities. On June 4, 2005, the Civil Aviation Administration of China approved the relaunch of the airline. Now with Shanghai Airlines holding 80 percent of the stake, as well as CASGC as a secondary shareholder. Though China United Airlines has since lost its military status, uniquely enough for an airline it is still permitted to use military air bases as destinations, in contrast to other Chinese airlines and other airlines in general.

In 2000, China United Airlines spent US$120 million to buy a Boeing 767-300ER, ordered by Delta, as Jiang Zemin's private jet. Several days before its first flight, covert listening devices were found installed in toilet, in Jiang's headboard. Listening device were believed to be monitored by satellite. CIA, U. S embassy in China, China United Airlines refuse to comment on this incident; the specific aircraft was sold to Air China and to Sunday Airlines of Kazakhstan. China United Airlines was acquired by China Eastern Airlines in October 2010. With the opening of the Beijing Daxing International Airport on 26 September 2019, China United Airlines began service at the new airport as its main hub and ceased service from Beijing Nanyuan Airport, its main operating base for 35 years. Anhui Fuyang Hefei Beijing Beijing Hub Fujian Fuzhou Longyan Guangdong Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen Jieyang Zhanjiang Hainan Sanya Henan Nanyang Hunan Changsha Inner Mongolia Baotou Hailar Hohhot Ordos Jiangsu Wuxi Lianyungang Nanjing Jiangxi Ganzhou Shaanxi Yulin Shandong Linyi Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Sichuan Chengdu Xinjiang Ürümqi Zhejiang Hangzhou Quzhou Fukuoka Fukuoka Shizuoka Shizuoka As of October 2019, the China United Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft: The airline operated the following aircraft: 2 Tupolev Tu-154M China United Airlines has a total of 6 special livery aircraft in service, all of which are named after cities in China: B-5448 – named and decorated after Huangguoshu Waterfall, Guizhou B-5665 – named and decorated after Baotou, Inner Mongolia B-5470 – named and decorated after Rizhao, Shandong B-7561 – named and decorated after Xingyi, Guizhou B-5471 – named and decorated after Qingyang, Gansu B-1750 – named and decorated after Lianyungang, JiangsuChina United Airlines Special Liveries Official website English about page /

Turners Beach

Turners Beach is a small town on the north coast of Tasmania. Equidistant between the cities of Devonport and Ulverstone, it is at the western mouth into Bass Strait of the Forth River, opposite the village of Leith on its eastern mouth, its population as at 2016 was 1715 people. A cairn recording the location of the first European settlement of the area in 1840 by James Fenton is situated 100 metres from Forth Bridge in Turners Beach and was the site of the pioneer and historian's house; the Gables an early residential house was built around 1850 and was known as The Sailors Return Inn. Although the building only operated as a hotel for a decade it had a colourful history. In 1853 it was robbed by the bushrangers Dalton and Kelly who stole the landlord's whale boat and sailed across the Bass Strait to Victoria, they were brought back to Tasmania and executed in Launceston. Its post office opened on 15 December 1956. Turners Beach was known as Scott’s Beach, named after the Scott family who operated a flour mill on Claytons Rivulet..

The township of Turners Beach was developed by and renamed in honour of Harry Vincent Glengyle Turner on 21 March 1961, on the Ulverstone Council and Town Planning Committee at the time. There used to be two small supermarkets in the town one each end of the Esplanade; the one at the top of the Esplanade closed and the other is now a café providore. A service station and takeaway exists on Forth Road. There used to be two caravan parks to cater for the summer holiday makers. One was redeveloped for residential buildings. For many decades there was a garden nursery operating in Forth Road. A Twilight Market featuring local producers and artisans with a community focus is held the last Sunday of every month; the tide goes out a fair distance and at times there was an annual beach sprint on the hard sand. The rolling waves produce a fine white sand, less course than that of Ulverstone; the mouth of the Forth River has been treacherous to surfers. The Forth River used to be plentiful with Cocky Salmon.

At the other end of the beach is Claytons Rivulet known to contain platypus and brown trout. The Turners Beach Football Club compete in the North Western Football Association; the Turners Beach Cricket Club compete in the Mersey Valley Cricket Association. Turners Beach Bowls Club have Women's Pennants as well as social bowls. Turners Beach Tennis Club is affiliated with Tennis North West; the 1st Turners Beach Scouts part of the Leven District Scouting Association operate out of the local hall on the Esplanade. The Turner Beach Volunteer Fire Brigade had its base in Turners Avenue and had a siren that could be heard all over town; the base has now been moved to Forth Road. Turners Beach Football Club Turners Beach Cricket Club Turners Beach Bowls Club Turners Beach Caravan Park Media related to Turners Beach, Tasmania at Wikimedia Commons