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Stokken Church

Stokken Church is a parish church in Arendal municipality in Aust-Agder county, Norway. It is located in the village of Saltrød; the church is one of three churches in the Moland parish in the Arendal prosti in the Diocese of Agder og Telemark. The white, wooden church was built in 1878 using plans from the architect Johan Christoff Friedrich Reuter; the church seats about 400 people. The church stands on a slope at Stuenes, it was built as a chapel of ease for the Stokken congregation of the Austre Moland parish. The structure is a long church with timber framing, it was designed by Johan Christoff Friedrich Reuter and the builder Carl Svendsen was the lead builder. The altarpiece, depicting Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, was painted by Hedevig Lund for Austre Moland Church in 1869, but the work was not accepted by the congregation at the time; some years it was given to the new church in Stokken. The work needed to have a new piece added to it to function as an altarpiece. In 1929, the master painter Emil Rummelhoff decorated the church's gallery with a frieze, with heads of grain and grapes to symbolize the Eucharist.

At the same time, he painted the entire interior of the church, for the restoration for the church's centennial in 1979 the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage recommended that Rummelhoff's design be retained. The church bells were cast at the Olsen Nauen Bell Foundry in 1879; the organ has nine stops and was produced by Josef Hilmar Jørgensen in 1928. The plans for Stokken Church were used to build Færvik Church and Bjorbekk Church. Nenseter, Bjarne. "På kirkevandring i Aust-Agder". Stokken kirke. Arendal: Kilden forlag. Pp. 18–19. ISBN 8276270034. Rasmussen, Alf Henry. Våre kirker. Norsk kirkeleksikon. Kirkenær: Vanebo forlag. P. 474. ISBN 8275270227. Stokken Church at Kirkesøk Stokken Church at Kulturminnesøk

Tintern Wireworks Branch

The Tintern Wireworks Branch was a short branch line on the Wye Valley Railway. It was completed in 1874 and opened on 1 November 1876, it closed in 1935. In 1866 the Wye Valley Railway Company announced that it would not build a line through the village of Tintern, but by-pass it. To make up for this the company was forced to build a branch to the wireworks on the other side of Tintern; the Wye Valley Amendment Act was passed on 14 June 1875 stating that the company would forever maintain the branch and junction in good repair. By August 1875, before the opening of the branch, the Abbey Wireworks Company had stopped trading; the line remained empty until the early 1880s when the works were taken over by the Abbey Wire and Tinplate Company. The owned locomotive was sold and from on the branch was only used by horses for the sawmills and turnery works in the village; the line closed in 1935. Most of the tracks were sent for scrap; the junction with the Wye Valley Railway was lifted in 1945 and was the last part of the branch to be lifted.

The weigh house on the line survived until the late 1970s. Today the bridge carrying the branch over the Wye is still standing, it now carries a public footpath. Information about the Wye Valley Railway

Apliu Street

Apliu Street is a street in the Sham Shui Po area of New Kowloon, Hong Kong. Apliu Street runs parallel to Cheung Sha Wan Road between Nam Cheong Street. An easy way to reach it is to get off at the MTR Sham Shui Po Station. Use the A2 or C2 exit and you will be ascending directly into Apliu Street; the Cantonese name "apliu" comes from a village, located nearby but has long since been buried underneath the urbanization of Sham Shui Po. Apliu Street has a huge flea market containing electronics, electrical components, related items. A shopper can find both used merchandise in the area. Apliu Street is well known for geek shopping, at one time it had an unsavory reputation as a "thieves' market". While Apliu Street is famous for electronic parts, the Golden Shopping Arcade found on the other side of Cheung Sha Wan Road is famous for computer hardware and related items; the shop Kong Wah Telecom Limited was a site of the Detour in the eleventh leg of the reality TV show The Amazing Race 27. Shia Wong Hip, a restaurant specialising in snake dishes located on Apliu Street List of streets and roads in Hong Kong Hong Kong map

Izumi Shima

Izumi Shima is a Japanese mainstream film actress, best known for her roles in Nikkatsu's Roman Porno film series. Shima was born Keiko Ishida in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan on December 3, 1953. Ishida made her acting debut by 1975, using the alias Keiko Ono, in the TV series Taiyō ni Hoero!, but this alias was soon changed to avoid confusion with another actress. Ishida used the aliases Emi Shirakawa and Nozomi Shirakawa during this period. In 1977, Ishida came under exclusive contract with Nikkatsu studio and was given the stage name "Izumi Shima", she made her debut with the studio in the August 1977 Roman Porno film Lady Chatterley In Tokyo. Nikkatsu promoted Shima for this film as their "most beautiful actress" and the cinematography in the film was designed to highlight her attractiveness. However, due to the disappointing reception of Lady Chatterley In Tokyo, Shima was relegated to low profile and supporting roles for years. According to noted SM-author Oniroku Dan, her sexual partner, she failed to overcome her timid and restrained mood for roles that required physical intimacy, which contrasted with her passionate off-screen sex life.

During this time, Shima appeared in a number of S&M works including the 1980 Blazing Bondage Lady and the 1982 Female Beautician Rope Discipline both written by Oniroku Dan. When Oniroku Dan unhappy with the fate of his scripts, decided to produce his own film, Dark Hair, Velvet Soul in 1982, he brought in respected pink film director Mamoru Watanabe to direct the film and he chose Shima for the starring role. According to the Weissers, Shima brought "elegance and panache" to her role and after this successful appearance, she made S&M films her specialty and became regarded as one of Nikkatsu's leading S&M actresses of the 1980s. Nikkatsu's "SM Queen" in the period 1982 - 1983, Shima was cast as the staple dominatrix type in her films. Lady Chatterley In Tokyo Gate of Flesh Tenement Apartment: Obscene Affair Teacher Deer Apartment Wife: Night By Ourselves Wakazuma ga nureru toki Hito natsu no kankei Izumi daihachi no okashikko Invisible Man: Rape! Shiroi fukurami Flesh Target: Rape! Three Juicy Sisters: Casual Sex Bridal Doll Tokyo Eros: 1001 Nights Koichiro Uno's Wet and Purring Haitoku fujin no yokujō Uptown Lady: Days of Eros Secret of Newlywed Wife Blazing Bondage Lady aka Madam Rope Flame Sekkusu Dokku: Midarana Chiryō Woman Who Exposes Herself "Love Me Strong...

Love Me Hard" Widow's Bedroom Female Beautician Rope Discipline Dark Hair Velvet Soul Indecent Family: Mother & Daughter Blue Woman Rope and Breasts Snake Hole Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell Snake and Whip Angel To Be Sacrificed Dan, Oniroku. Season of Infidelity: BDSM Tales from the Classic Master. New York City: Vertical Inc. ISBN 978-1934287361. Izumi Shima on IMDb

Jamunotri Gupta

Jamunotri Devi Gupta is a businessperson and politician of Bhartiya Janata Party from Allahabad, India. She is director of SBW Udyog Limited of Shyam Group from 24 December 1985, registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. Jamunotri Gupta is wife of industrialist-cum-politician Shyama Charan Gupta, current Member of Indian Parliament from Allahabad, she unsuccessfully contested 1995 mayoral election with support of Bhartiya Janata Party from Allahabad, lost to Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi. In 2012 mayoral election of Allahabad Municipal Corporation, Samajwadi Party supported candidate Jamunotri Devi Gupta was a strong contender, who stood in third spot with 7762 votes while Indian National Congress candidate Shree Wadhwan secured 4423 votes. In 2012, she lost to Bahujan Samaj Party supported Nand Gopal Nandi's wife Abhilasha Gupta. Mrs. Gupta is district president of All India Women Conference from Allahabad. Jamunotri Gupta is one of the director of Shyam Group of Companies, set up in 1975 by her husband.

She is director of SBW Udyog Limited from 24 December 1985 to present. Jamunotri Gupta married to Shyama Charan Gupta on 5 February 1967, she is mother of daughter Venu Agrahari. Shyam Group