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The Antibes Yacht Show is a yacht show taking place over the areas of Port Vauban, Bastion Saint Jaume, Quay Rambaud, Billionaires Quay, and Capitanerie Quay in Antibes, France.



The second Antibes Yacht Show in April 2008 featured around 190 exhibitors and was able to accommodate 202 yachts up to 80 metres in length displayed over 1,000 metres of quayside and filling up to 15,000 square metres of the famous Port Vauban, Antibes, France. This is just the second season for the Antibes Yacht Show but it is a fitting venue to kick off the season of yacht shows as Antibes is the largest pleasure harbour in Europe, the show attracts all the biggest names in the industry as well as showcasing some of the worlds most luxurious yachts.[citation needed]


The 2012 Antibes Yacht Show takes place from the 12th till the 15th of April and adds a seminar day on Friday April 13.

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