Antiochus II of Commagene

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Antiochus II Epiphanes, also known as Antiochus II of Commagene (Greek: Ἀντίοχος ὀ Ἐπιφανής, flourished 1st century BC) was a man of Armenian and Greek descent. Antiochus II was a Prince from the Kingdom of Commagene and the second son of King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene and Queen Isias Philostorgos. He was the youngest brother of prince and future King of Commagene, Mithridates II of Commagene.

Very little is known on Antiochus II; in 29 BC, he was summoned to Rome by Roman emperor Augustus. Augustus had summoned him because he caused the assassination of an ambassador, whom Mithridates II had sent to Rome. Antiochus II was executed on Augustus’ orders.