Antique Antics

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Antique Antics
Krazy Kat series
Directed byManny Gould
Ben Harrison
Produced byCharles Mintz
Music byJoe de Nat
Animation byAl Eugster
Preston Blair
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date(s)June 14, 1933
Color processBlack and white
Running time6:03
Preceded byHouse Cleaning
Followed byOut of the Ether

Antique Antics is a 1933 short animated film, featuring Krazy Kat.


The film begins just outside an antique shop, and a piece of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is played. Inside the shop, Krazy Kat, who operates the place, is having a little trouble walking around the ornaments. He lights a candle, and makes it safely to his bedroom.

While Krazy is asleep, the ornaments in the shop, particularly the statues, come to life, and march to the melody of Schubert's Three Marches Militaires which is played. The statues represent historical people like Theodore Roosevelt, Napoleon, and various. They then put up a party where they drink ale from casks, dance, and sing Auld Lang Syne. Their party is so audible that Krazy eventually wakes up and goes to investigate.

Several cartoons involve a theme where the shop's owner leaves, and the props come to life and party. The props would return to their quiet state if they knew the owner is coming back. But in the case of Antique Antics, Krazy gets to join the party, and the statues don't seem to mind. The film concludes with Krazy getting himself a mug of ale.

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