Anywhere but Here (The Ataris album)

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Anywhere but Here
The Ataris - Anywhere but Here cover.jpg
Studio album by The Ataris
Released April 29, 1997
Recorded January 22–31, 1997 at F1 Music, Orange County, California
Genre Pop punk[1]
Length 32:12
Label Kung Fu
Producer Warren Fitzgerald
The Ataris chronology
Anywhere but Here
Look Forward to Failure
2002 re-release cover
2002 re-release cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]

Anywhere but Here (stylized as ...Anywhere but here) is the first full release on Kung Fu Records by The Ataris. The album was released on April 29, 1997 and was characterized by a straightforward, upbeat, pop punk sound. The majority of the songs clock in at two minutes or less in length.

On May 28, 2002, the album was re-released with an extra track ("Anderson"), a hidden track (an acoustic cover of Weezer's "Butterfly"), and some video footage. The track listing was also changed.

Kris Roe played all of the instruments on this record except for the drums, but was credited only as playing guitar and singing. Derrick Plourde from Lagwagon played drums.

Track listings[edit]

Original release[edit]

  1. "1-2-3-4"
  2. "As We Speak"
  3. "Bite My Tongue"
  4. "Hey Kid!"
  5. "Take Me Back"
  6. "Are We There Yet?"
  7. "Angry Nerd Rock"
  8. "Let It Go"
  9. "Lately"
  10. "Alone in Santa Cruz"
  11. "Make It Last"
  12. "Sleepy"
  13. "Four Chord Wonder"
  14. "Blind and Unkind"
  15. "Clara"
  16. "Myself"
  17. "Neilhouse"
  18. "Perfectly Happy"
  19. "Boxcar" (Originally performed by Jawbreaker)
  20. "Ray"

2002 re-release[edit]

  1. "Bite My Tongue"
  2. "Make It Last"
  3. "Clara"
  4. "As We Speak"
  5. "Blind and Unkind"
  6. "Take Me Back"
  7. "Lately"
  8. "Let It Go"
  9. "Alone in Santa Cruz"
  10. "Boxcar" (Originally performed by Jawbreaker)
  11. "Are We There Yet?"
  12. "Anderson"
  13. "Neilhouse"
  14. "Perfectly Happy"
  15. "Myself"
  16. "Four Chord Wonder"
  17. "Hey Kid!"
  18. "Sleepy"
  19. "Angry Nerd Rock"
  20. "1...2...3...4"
  21. "Ray"
  22. "Butterfly" (Originally performed by Weezer)


Kris Roe - Voice and guitar
Jasin Thomason - Guitar
Marko DeSantis - Bass
Derrick Plourde - Drums


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