Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, First Judicial Department

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The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Department is headquartered in Manhattan.


The courthouse of the First Department of the Appellate Division

The First Department of the Appellate Division holds jurisdiction over the Counties of New York and the Bronx. Appeals are taken to the Appellate Division, as a matter of right, in civil and criminal cases, from the Supreme Court, Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, and Court of Claims.

Along with the state's other three Appellate Departments, it shares responsibility for all admissions to the New York bar. Under the state's bar admission rules, all bar applicants must be interviewed in person by one of the Appellate Departments. The First Department admits only residents of Manhattan and the Bronx, with all other applicants being admitted by other Departments. However, once admitted by one Department, a new attorney may practice in any New York state court.

Case load[edit]

Over 3,000 appeals, 6,000 motions, and 1,000 interim applications are determined each year.

Current Justices[edit]

Name Tenure as Justice Tenure as Presiding Justice Appointing Governor
Rolando Acosta 2008- 2017- Eliot Spitzer
Peter Tom 1994- 2007, 2009 (Acting), 2016-17 (Acting) Mario Cuomo
Angela Mazzarelli 1994- Mario Cuomo
Richard Andrias 1996- George Pataki
David Friedman 1999- George Pataki
John Sweeny 2004- George Pataki
Karla Moskowitz 2008- Eliot Spitzer
Dianne Renwick 2008- David Paterson
Rosalyn Richter 2009- David Paterson
Sallie Manzanet-Daniels 2009- David Paterson
Judith J. Gische 2012- Andrew Cuomo
Barbara R. Kapnick 2014- Andrew Cuomo
Troy K. Webber 2016- Andrew Cuomo
Marcy L. Kahn 2016- Andrew Cuomo
Ellen Gesmer 2016- Andrew Cuomo
Cynthia S. Kern 2017- Andrew Cuomo
Jeffrey K. Oing 2017- Andrew Cuomo
Anil P. Singh 2017- Andrew Cuomo
Peter M. Moulton 2017- Andrew Cuomo

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