Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Algeria

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Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Algeria
حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي في الجزائر
Parti Baath arabe socialiste d'Algérie
Leader Ahmed Choutri
Founded 1988 (1988)
Headquarters Algiers, Algeria
Ideology Neo-Ba'athism
International affiliation Ba'ath Party (Iraqi-dominated faction)
Colors Black, Red, White and Green
People's National Assembly
0 / 462
Council of the Nation
0 / 144
Party flag
Flag of the Ba'ath Party.svg

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Algeria (French: Parti Baath arabe socialiste d'Algérie, Arabic: حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي في الجزائرHizb Al-Ba'ath Al-Arabi Al-Ishtiraki fy Aljeza'ir), is a political party in Algeria. It is the Algerian regional branch of the Iraqi-led Ba'ath Party. It is led by Ahmed Choutri.[1]

The party is currently banned, and Choutri was forced to flee to Iraq during the 1990s because of governmental repression against the Algerian Ba'ath movement.[2] The party sympathised with the Iraqi ba'athist insurgency and supported Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, leader of the Iraqi branch.[2] Following his return to Algeria in 2003, Choutri wrote The Baathist Faith of President Saddam.[2]


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