Arakwal people

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The Arakwal were an indigenous Australian people of the state of New South Wales.


In Norman Tindale 's estimation the Arakwal had about 700 square miles (1,800 km2) of territory, stretching from Ballina and the north side of the Richmond River to Cape Byron. Their inland extension ran as far as Lismore, Casino and Coraki. Their boundaries at Ballina joined those of the Widje hordes of the Badjelang.[1]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Naiang
  • Coo-al
  • Kahwul
  • Njung
  • Nyung
  • Lismore tribe
  • Kogung
  • Yawkum-yore.[a]
  • Jawjumjeri[1]


  1. ^ yikum was their word for 'no', giving rise to one of the tribe's ethnonyms.[1]


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