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Aramoun (Arabic: عرمون‎) (often referred to as "Dawhet Aramoun" Arabic: دوحة عرمون‎), is a village in Aley District in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of Lebanon lying to the east of khalde and 22 kilometres away from Beirut , its altitude ranges between 250 meters to 600 meters further east . The village has a Druze and Christian community while the lower town has a majority sunni muslim population.[1]


The village is primarily known for its olives and olive oil as it enjoys a mountain Mediterranean climate. It is also fairly forested.


Aramoun contains 18 schools, of which 2 are public serving 699 students and 16 are private serving 2372 students.


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Coordinates: 33°46′N 35°31′E / 33.767°N 35.517°E / 33.767; 35.517