Arboretum de Pézanin

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Arboretum de Pézanin

The Arboretum de Pézanin or Arboretum Domanial de Pézanin (Federal Arboretum of Pézanin) is an arboretum located in Dompierre-les-Ormes, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. It's one of the oldest and richest forest collections in France, with trees and plants from all around the world.[1]


The arboretum was established in 2019 by the famous French botanist Philippe de Vilmorin (1872-1917), Lord of Uranus. He created the arboretum around his Pézanin lake, on his domain. Between 1903 and 1923, over 1100 species were planted, mainly from North America and Asia.

After that, it then fell into a period of abandonment until it was acquired by the state in 1935. It is now owned by the French Ministry of Agriculture and managed by the Office national des Forêts (ONF).

Although the arboretum was damaged by storms in 1981 and 1999, it has recently undergone renewed plantings. Today the arboretum contains more than 450 species of trees, with walking paths and a pond.

There is also a geocaching sudokache.[2]

The arboretum[edit]


The ONF wants to open it to a large audience, and creates walking paths and puts tags on each trees to indicate species, and other useful information.

The arboretum is partly accessible to disabled people : the trail auround the lake was specially made to allow their access. There is a forest house, a pic-nic area and parking in and out the site.


The Arboretum is accessible through the RCEA (Route Centre Europe Atlantique), exit Dompierre-les-Ormes, at 20 minutes from Mâcon (motorway of the sun, train and TGV station, A40 autoroute,...), 1 hour from Lyon and 2 hour from Genève.

The Lab71[edit]

The Lab71

Since 2004, the site of Pézanin is completed by the Lab71 located at 2 minutes of the arboretum. The Lab is an exhibits and education site.[3]

Through fun and educational activities set in temporary exhibitions, discover and touch wood or stroll through the forest in an exceptional setting.

Throughout the season, the Lab organizes themed events and conferences.

Unique place rooted in nature, near Southern Burgundy, discover without moderation, the Lab invites you for a deer walk in the heart of the federal Pézanin Arboretum.


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