Archi District

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Archi District

ولسوالی ارچی
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKunduz Province
Time zoneUTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Standard Time)

The Archi District (ولسوالی ارچی), also known as Dasht-i-Archi is situated in the northeastern part of Kunduz Province in Afghanistan. It borders with Khan Abad and Kunduz districts to the south-west, Imam Sahib District to the north-west, Tajikistan to the north and Takhar Province to the east.

The population is 74,900 (2006) - 40% Pashtun, 15% Tajik, 35% Uzbek, and 10% Turkmen.

The district center is the town of Archi, located in the northern part of the district.

The district is generally poor and seriously affected during the wars.


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