Arecibo Catena

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Arecibo Catena
Arecibo and Ibsen CN0131773984M web.png
Photograph by MESSENGER showing Arecibo Catena and nearby craters
Feature type Catena
Coordinates 27°30′S 28°24′W / 27.5°S 28.4°W / -27.5; -28.4Coordinates: 27°30′S 28°24′W / 27.5°S 28.4°W / -27.5; -28.4
Eponym Arecibo Observatory

Arecibo Catena (Arecibo Vallis until March 2013) is a catena on Mercury. It is located at latitude 27.5 S, longitude 28.4 W, in the hilly and chaotic terrain antipodal to Caloris Basin. It is named after Arecibo Observatory.

Arecibo Vallis is connected to Petrarch crater.