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i r
A48 N41
A1 nfr f

i r
Hm s
nfr A48
in hieroglyphs

Arensnuphis (in Egyptian: Iryhemesnefer, ỉrỉ-ḥms-nfr, "the good companion") is a deity from the Kingdom of Kush in ancient Nubia, first attested at Musawwarat el-Sufra in the 3rd century BC. His worship spread to the Egyptian-controlled portion of Nubia in the Ptolemaic Period (305–30 BC), his mythological role is unknown; he was depicted as a lion and as a human with a crown of feathers and sometimes a spear.[2]

Arensnuphis was worshipped at Philae, where he was called the "companion" of the Egyptian goddess Isis, as well as at Dendur; in the ancient Egyptian religion, the Egyptians syncretized him with their gods Anhur and Shu.[2]


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