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Argentine Army officers wear their rank insignia in shoulderboards. Generals and Senior Colonels may be distinguished for the red trim of their shoulderboards and around the suns denoting their rank; they also wear golden wreath leaves in their coat lapels; the suns for officers below the rank of Senior Colonel are metallic; Senior Colonels and Generals have gold-braid suns.

The highest rank an Army officer may reach is Teniente General (Lieutenant General(Argentine Army)); this rank is held only by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army. The only exception is the Chief of the Joint General Staff, if he should be an Army officer. There are mentions of the rank of Capitán General (Captain General), but it is a purely honorific rank bestowed posthumously upon José de San Martín.

The rank of Senior Colonel is an honorary rank for long-serving colonels who have not been promoted to Brigade General; the rank is considered inferior to Brigade General but superior to Colonel. Senior Colonels may be further promoted to general ranks.

The following table displays the rank insignia worn by officers of the Argentine Army.

Equivalent NATO Rank Code Insignia Argentinian Rank Translation
OF-9 Not available Teniente General[1] Lieutenant General
OF-8 Not available General de División Divisional General
OF-7 Not available General de Brigada Brigade General
OF-6 Not available Coronel Mayor Senior Colonel
OF-5 Not available Coronel Colonel
OF-4 Not available Teniente Coronel Lieutenant Colonel
OF-3 Not available Mayor Major
OF-2 Not available Capitán Captain
OF-1 Not available Teniente Primero First Lieutenant
OF-1 Not available Teniente Lieutenant
OF-D Not available Subteniente Sub-lieutenant

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  1. ^ Equivalent to General de ejército.

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