A region is arid when it is characterized by a severe lack of available water, to the extent of hindering or preventing the growth and development of plant and animal life. Environments subject to arid climates are called xeric or desertic. Most "arid" climates straddle the Equator; the distribution of aridity observed at any one point in time is the result of the general circulation of the atmosphere. The latter does change over time through climate change. For example, temperature increase across the Nile Basin over the next 30–40 years could change the region from semi-arid to arid, resulting in a significant reduction in agricultural land. In addition, changes in land use can result in greater demands on soil water and induce a higher degree of aridity. Aridity index Arid Forest Research Institute Desert climate Desiccation tolerance Drought Relative humidity Vapor pressure Griffiths, J. F.'Climatology', Chapter 2 in Handbook of Applied Meteorology, Edited by David D. Houghton, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-08404-2.

Durrenberger, R. W.'Arid Climates', article in The Encyclopedia of Climatology, p. 92–101, Edited by J. E. Oliver and R. W. Fairbridge, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, ISBN 0-87933-009-0. Stadler, S. J'Aridity Indexes', article in The Encyclopedia of Climatology, p. 102–107, Edited by J. E. Oliver and R. W. Fairbridge, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, ISBN 0-87933-009-0. Blue Peace for the Nile Report, 2009, Strategic Foresight Group

Os Trapalhões no Reino da Fantasia

Os Trapalhões no Reino da Fantasia is a 1985 Brazilian live-action/animated film, directed by Dedé Santana and starring by Os Trapalhões. The animation was produced by Mauricio de Sousa Produções, known for Monica's Gang comics and animation; the orphanage St. Jude, directed by Irmã Maria, financial difficulties that can take you to lock and utter helplessness to their children. Irmã Maria, watching a cartoon, has the great idea that can save the institution: use the Trapalhões - unconditional friends of children - and ask them to do a show to raise funds to save their children. Didi, Dede and Zacarias perform a special show attracting a large audience; the audience vibrates with the play Quartet. But the show attracted not only good people, but a gang of evil bandits trying to steal the money raised from the show. Irmã Maria inadvertently realize what is happening, try to react, but the bad guys, the stronger the hold. Theater background, Didi tries in vain to help the novice. After fights, the bad guys can get away with the bag of money, leaving Didi and Sister Maria fainted.

Dede, missing Didi on stage, find the two desacordados. Didi and the novice out an incredible and tumultuous pursuit of the bandits in the hope of recovering the stolen money. On the way, Didi faces thousand adventures and confusion, a wizard attempts to disrupt. Realizing they are being followed, the bandits enter the Beto Carrero Rodeo to lose them. Dress up cowboys and try to escape Didi, scene making huge success with the turning of the public. In this confusion, Beto Carrero recognizes Didi and goes to her aid, chasing the bandits, in an act of adventure and action, Didi retrieves the bag with the money and all come back to the theater. Meanwhile, oblivious to all the confusion faced by his companions and Zechariah follow with the show. Come Didi and Sister Maria followed by bandits performing many fights; when all seems lost, the Trapalhões are saved by a mysterious weapon. Many applause, captured bandits. Sister Maria explains to the audience what happened throughout the show. In this moment of complete joy, Didi realize you're with no money.

But sadness is short-lived, a great surprise is reserved for the end. Robledo Milani in his criticism of the website Papo de Cinema wrote: "With this screenplay that looks more like a patchwork and the weak direction of Dedé Santana, concerned only with repeating old jokes rather than providing something new to an audience that until was The Trapalhões in the Fantasia Kingdom had one of the worst box-office performances of the group's productions in that period - though it added 2 million spectators. Still, it was enough to keep repeating such dubious partnerships. Less served to give the public a break, for any more attentive spectator revealed something more serious: the exhaustion of a formula that would have few original sighs to offer in the following years. Renato Aragão.... Didi Dedé Santana.... Dedé Mussum.... Mussum Zacarias.... Zacarias Xuxa Meneghel.... Irmã Maria Athayde Arcoverde Beto Carrero.... Himself Maurício do Valle Antônio Duarte Celso Magno José Vasconcelos.... Bruxo Luiz Viana Eduardo Vilaverde List of Brazilian films of the 1980s Os Trapalhões no Reino da Fantasia on IMDb

Big 6 Hockey League

The Big 6 Hockey League is a senior men's hockey league in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. There are 9 teams in the league; the 2016-2017 champions were the Wawota Flyers who defeated the Yellow Grass Wheat Kings in a 4 game sweep in the Big Six league final. The league began in 1959-1960 with four teams, the Bienfait Coalers, the Frobisher Flyers, the Glen Ewen Eagles, the Oxbow Aces; the teams compete for the Lincoln Trophy. Select regular season and playoff games from around the league are broadcast on Estevan radio station CJSL. Arcola-Kisbey Combines Bienfait Coalers Oxbow Huskies Redvers Rockets Carnduff Red Devils Kipling/Windthorst Oil Kings Midale Mustangs Wawota Flyers Carlyle Cougars Yellow Grass Wheat Kings Big Six website