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2012 Hawaii Warriors football team

The 2012 Hawaii Warriors football team represented the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the 2012 NCAA Division I FBS football season. They played their home games at Aloha Stadium, they were first year members of the Mountain West Conference. They finished the season 1 -- 7 in Mountain West play to finish in a tie for ninth place; the university hired Norm Chow, a native Hawaiian who had most served as the offensive coordinator at Utah, as its head coach in the 2011–12 offseason to replace the retiring Greg McMackin. With Chow's hiring, the Warriors abandoned the run and shoot offense that McMackin's predecessor June Jones installed and instead ran a pro-style offense

Candidates of the 2004 Queensland state election

This article provides information on candidates who stood for the 2004 Queensland state election, held on 7 February 2004. Steve Bredhauer MLA Wendy Edmond MLA Matt Foley MLA Anita Phillips MLA Vince Lester MLA Joan Sheldon MLA David Watson MLA Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk is used; the Socialist Alliance endorsed Coral Wynter in Brisbane Central, Adrian Skerritt in Inala and Lynda Hansen in South Brisbane. Federal Independent member for Kennedy Bob Katter endorsed Jeff Knuth in Burdekin, Bruce Chalmers in Darling Downs, Andrew Lancini in Hinchinbrook, Sandra Hubert in Mundingburra and David Moyle in Thuringowa. Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 2001–2004 Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 2004–2006 2004 Queensland state election ABC Elections

Coat of arms of Moldova

The coat of arms of Moldova consists of an eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sceptre and an olive branch in its claws. According to Gheorghe Vrabie, the author of the coat of arms, the eagle symbolizes the Latin origin of the people; the chest of the eagle is protected by a shield that bears the traditional arms of Moldavia: an aurochs' head with a star between its horns. It contains two lozenges, a five-petaled flower and a moon in a crescent phase. Everything on the shield has one of the three traditional colours: red, blue; the coat of arms appears in the centre of the flag of Moldova. Adopted: 1990 Elements: Gules shield. Between the horns with five-pointed star, right — rose, left, a Crescent; the small Presidium of the CEC with modifications. In the mid-19 October 1925 USSR of the CEC at its meeting approved the above projects of the state emblem and flag of USSR; the coat of arms of the Moldavian ASSR Constitution Samodivski VII Extraordinary Congress of Soviets on 6 January 1938, was the coat of arms of the Ukrainian SSR, with the addition of inscriptions in Moldavian language.

The state coat of arms of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is the State emblem of the Ukrainian SSR, which consists of a Golden sickle and hammer depicted on a red background in the sun and framed by ears, with the inscription "URSR" and "Proletar all countries, daythese!" in Ukrainian and Moldavian languages, with the addition under "URSR" letters smaller lettering "Moldavska of ARSR" in Ukrainian and Moldavian languages. The national emblem of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1941-1990, was a hammer and sickle in the rays of the sun and framed by ears of corn and ears of corn with a garland of grapes and fruit, with inscriptions in red tape: bottom "RSSM". On the right side in Russian: "Proletarians of all countries, unite!", on the left, in Moldovan language "Proletari din toate țările, uniți-vă!" In the upper part of the emblem is five-pointed star. Adopted: 1990 Elements: An olive branch, an oak branch, jointed by a tricolour ribbon.

Hamilton High School (Hamilton, Ohio)

Hamilton High School is a public high school in Hamilton, Ohio. It is the only high school in the Hamilton City School District, it was the school in which then-President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act on January 8, 2002; the present building on Eaton Avenue opened as Taft High School in 1959. Taft served the west side of Hamilton. Both were consolidated to form Hamilton High in 1980 at Taft. In 2002, a massive addition was built across the school's front, giving it new entrances, a new facade, a new library/media center, six new classrooms. A new fine arts wing was finished in 2004. A recent bond issue approved the construction of a new gymnasium and to convert the old gym into a larger cafeteria. In 2012, the school began construction on the new lunch room, it was concluded with a positive reception. Hamilton had a high school at the corner of S. Second and Ludlow Streets downtown until 1915 when a new building was constructed at N. Sixth and Dayton Streets; the high school remained there until 1959, when Hamilton's population swelled and two high schools became necessary.

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Falavarjan County

Falavarjan County -Green Tourism County- is a county in Isfahan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Falavarjan. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 247,014; the county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District and Pir Bakran District and Ghahderijan District. The county has eight cities: Falavarjan, Pir Bakran, Baharan Shahr, Kelishad & Suderjan, Abrisham and Imanshahr; the most important historical structures in the county are in the Pirbakran Mausoleum, the historical mosque of the village of Oshtorjan. The Islamic Azad University of Falavarjan was founded in Falavarjan County, 1984; the main route passing through the county is Zobahan Freeway, connecting population centres to Isfahan. Falavarjan County has its own Transit Bus system named Falavarjan County Municipalities Mass Transit Organization, running 7 routes connecting the county's cities to Isfahan and one route to Khomeynishahr. اطلس گیتاشناسی استان‌های ایران Qahderijan website