Arizona–UCLA men's basketball rivalry

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Arizona–UCLA rivalry
Arizona Wildcats logo.svg  UCLA Bruins
Men's Basketball Regular Season History
First meeting February 19, 1923
First result UCLA, 43–30
Latest meeting January 26, 2019
Latest result UCLA, 90−69
Next meeting TBD
Largest victory UCLA 111, Arizona 58 (March 10, 1983)
Current streak UCLA, 1
All-time series UCLA, 58–43
Men's basketball postseason history
All-time postseason series UCLA, 6–5

Before the arrival of Lute Olson at Arizona, the Bruins had won 21 of 23 games against the Wildcats. UCLA had been seen as the dominant college basketball program in the west, with few teams able to challenge UCLA for the throne beyond a few wins; the rivalry did not gather steam until Lute Olson’s arrival in 1984, who compiled a 28–23 record against the Bruins during his tenure as Arizona’s head coach.

Since then, the two schools competed for the Pac-10 (now Pac-12) Championship every year, with the two teams winning 22 out of the 30 conference titles, and 8 of 17 conference tournament titles. Arizona clinched their first conference title in 1986, when they won on the road at UCLA in Olson's third season;[1][2] the UCLA-Arizona basketball rivalry is still seen as the match up of the two premier teams in the conference.[3] Also, the performance of the two schools influences the national opinion of the conference. Mike Montgomery, former head coach at both Cal and Stanford has stated, "...If those two are not good, the conference is not perceived as being good. People don't give credit to the schools across the board in the league."


Arizona victoriesUCLA victoriesTies
1February 19, 1923Los AngelesUCLA43–30
2February 20, 1923Los AngelesArizona33–22
3February 26, 1923TucsonUCLA30–23
4February 27, 1923TucsonUCLA32–22
5January 26, 1951San FranciscoUCLA69–63
6December 11, 1953Los AngelesUCLA90–45
7December 12, 1953Los AngelesUCLA84–48
8January 13, 1961Los AngelesUCLA90–68
9December 28, 1964Los AngelesUCLA99–79
10January 31, 1966Los AngelesUCLA84–67
11December 01, 1969Los AngelesUCLA90–65
12March 20, 1976Los AngelesUCLA82–66
13December 29, 1977Los AngelesUCLA85–63
14January 18, 1979TucsonArizona70–69
15February 17, 1979Los AngelesUCLA110–86
16January 21, 1980Los AngelesUCLA69–59
17February 16, 1980TucsonUCLA90–78
18January 17, 1981TucsonUCLA79–76
19February 12, 1981Los AngelesUCLA90–79
20January 16, 1982Los AngelesUCLA65–56
21February 12, 1982TucsonUCLA88–73
22January 08, 1983TucsonUCLA92–78
23March 10, 1983Los AngelesUCLA111–58
24January 07, 1984TucsonUCLA61–58
25March 08, 1984Los AngelesUCLA68–60
26January 19, 1985TucsonArizona53–52
27March 02, 1985Los AngelesUCLA58–54
28February 13, 1986TucsonArizona85–60
29March 03, 1986Los AngelesArizona88–76
30January 10, 1987TucsonUCLA84–83
31February 12, 1987Los AngelesUCLA81–65
32January 24, 1988TucsonArizona86–74
33February 20, 1988Los AngelesArizona78–76
34February 18, 1989TucsonArizona102–62
35March 04, 1989Los AngelesArizona89–86
36January 13, 1990Los AngelesUCLA73–67
37February 10, 1990TucsonArizona83–74
38March 11, 1990TempeArizona94–78
39January 12, 1991TucsonArizona82–77
40February 10, 1991Los AngelesArizona105–94
41January 11, 1992TucsonUCLA89–87
42March 12, 1992Los AngelesUCLA89–81
43January 07, 1993Los AngelesArizona82–80
44March 13, 1993TucsonArizona99–80
45January 20, 1994Los AngelesUCLA74–66
46February 19, 1994TucsonArizona98–74
47January 19, 1995TucsonUCLA71–61
48February 19, 1995TucsonUCLA72–70
49January 20, 1996TucsonArizona88–79
50February 15, 1996Los AngelesUCLA76–75
51January 18, 1997Los AngelesUCLA79–62
52February 13, 1997TucsonUCLA66–64
53January 03, 1998TucsonArizona87–75
54March 07, 1998Los AngelesArizona91–87
55January 02, 1999Los AngelesUCLA82–75
56March 06, 1999TucsonArizona87–70
57January 20, 2000Los AngelesArizona76–61
58February 19, 2000TucsonArizona88–63
59January 20, 2001Tucson#17 Arizona88–63
60February 15, 2001Los Angeles#24 UCLA79–77
61January 19, 2002Tucson#15 Arizona96–86
62February 14, 2002Los Angeles#20 UCLA77–76
63January 18, 2003Los Angeles#2 Arizona87–52
64February 13, 2003Tucson#1 Arizona106–70
65March 13, 2003Los AngelesUCLA96–89
66January 17, 2004Los Angeles#7 Arizona97–72
67February 14, 2004Tucson#16 Arizona107–83
68January 15, 2005Tucson#17 Arizona76–73
69February 12, 2005Los Angeles#12 Arizona83–73
70January 05, 2006Tucson#17 UCLA85–79
71February 04, 2006Los Angeles#14 UCLA84–73
72March 10, 2006Los Angeles#13 UCLA71–59
73January 20, 2007Los Angeles#3 UCLA73–69
74February 17, 2007Tucson#5 UCLA81–66
75February 08, 2008Los Angeles#5 UCLA82–60
76March 02, 2008Tucson#4 UCLA68–66
77January 15, 2009Los Angeles#9 UCLA83–60
78February 14, 2009TucsonArizona84–72
79January 02, 2010Los AngelesArizona77–63
80March 04, 2010TucsonArizona78–73
81March 11, 2010Los AngelesUCLA75–69
82January 27, 2011Los AngelesArizona85–74
83February 26, 2011TucsonUCLA71–49
84January 05, 2012Los AngelesUCLA65–58
85February 25, 2012TucsonArizona65–63
86March 08, 2012Los AngelesArizona66–58
87January 24, 2013TucsonUCLA84–73
88March 02, 2013Los AngelesUCLA74–69
89March 15, 2013Las Vegas#24 UCLA66–64
90January 09, 2014Los Angeles#1 Arizona79–75
91March 15, 2014Las VegasUCLA75–71
92February 21, 2015Tucson#7 Arizona57–47
93March 13, 2015Las Vegas#5 Arizona70–64
94January 07, 2016Los AngelesUCLA87–84
95February 12, 2016Tucson#17 Arizona81–75
96January 21, 2017Los Angeles#14 Arizona96–85
97February 25, 2017Tucson#5 UCLA77–72
98March 10, 2017Las Vegas#7 Arizona86–75
99February 08, 2018TucsonUCLA82–74
100March 09, 2018Las Vegas#15 Arizona78–67
101January 26, 2019Los AngelesUCLA90–69
Series: UCLA leads 58–43


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