Arizona (1913 film)

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Arizona poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byAugustus Thomas
Lawrence B. McGill
Produced byAll-Star Feature Corporation
Written byAugustus Thomas
Based onArizona, a play, by Augustus Thomas
StarringCyril Scott
Gail Kane
CinematographyLucien Tainguy
Distributed byState's Rights
Release date
August 1913
Running time
6 reels

Arizona was a 1913 silent film western feature directed by Augustus Thomas based on his famous 1900 play Arizona which on stage starred Vincent Serrano and Eleanor Robson. It is one of the first feature films made in the United States, alongside Cleopatra and Richard III. Cyril Scott plays the lead Lt. Denton.[1][2]

This film is now lost.[3]


  • Robert Broderick - Henry Canby
  • Cyril Scott - Lt. Denton
  • Gail Kane - Bonita Canby
  • William Conklin - Captain Hodgman
  • Francis Carlyle - Colonel Bonham
  • H. D. Blakemore - Dr. Fenlon
  • Alma Bradley - Lena Kellar
  • Gertrude Shipman - Estrella Bonham
  • Wong Ling - Sam Wong
  • Elizabeth McCall - Mrs. Canby
  • Charles E. Davenport - Tony Mostano
  • Charles E. Graham - Sergeant Kellar

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