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Arjan Brussee (born 1972) is a Dutch video game programmer and entrepreneur, the main coder behind both Jazz Jackrabbit games, co-founder of Guerrilla Games and recently the co-founder of Boss Key Productions. At Guerrilla he worked on the Killzone series as a development director and part of the management team, he is often credited with being the first successful Dutch game developer, sometimes mentioned as "the godfather of Dutch game development".[1] On 23 February 2012 Brussee announced that he was leaving Guerilla and would be joining the EA Games studio Visceral Games as an executive producer working on Battlefield Hardline.

In July 2014, news leaked of Brussee leaving EA and co-founding Boss Key Productions with Cliff Bleszinski.[2]

In December 2017, Brussee left Boss Key Productions and returned to Epic Games after a 20 year hiatus from the company.[3]

Brussee used to be a demoscene coder; as a member of the group Ultra Force, he coded one of the first demos ever to use 3D imagery on the PC, called Vectordemo.


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