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Arley Munson Hare

Arley Isabel Munson Hare, MD was an American physician, surgeon and lecturer. As a young woman in the early 20th century, Munson was a pioneer in the field of medical mission work with the Wesleyan Methodist Mission in Medak, Andhra Pradesh, India. Along with evangelical motives, Munson had a special interest in the state of the health of Indian women and children and in the treatment of epidemics such as cholera or tuberculosis. Munson served in France during World War I, directing labs and dispensaries; the French Government awarded her with the Medaille d’Honneur des Affaires Étrangères pour actes de courage et dévouement au personnel militaire étranger for her medical service. She worked well into her seventies, she is buried in Connecticut. Arley Isabel Munson was born on November 14, 1871 in Bridgeport, Connecticut to Thomas Hamilton Munson and Mary Etta Hill Munson, she was one of five siblings, including Burton, Gertrude and Mary. Each sibling had a career of his or her own, with Alexander working at Liberty National Bank and Mary as prominent teacher and lawyer in Red Bank, New Jersey.

The family attended a Protestant Episcopal Church and instilled strong religious values in their children. Munson had descendants from the Revolutionary War and prominent English and Dutch settlers on both her paternal and maternal sides. Munson attended Cornell University from 1899 to 1901 for her undergraduate education, she attended the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, graduated with her medical degree in 1902. Drexel Professor Steven J. Peitzman includes her as one of the “Golden Age” graduates of the Women's Medical College because of her enterprising medical mission work at the turn of the century. Munson had aspirations to work abroad as a doctor since childhood, she was determined to follow her established evangelical principles in her work refusing a government post abroad because of the restrictions against teaching Christianity. Having studied at Women's Medical College with an Indian Brahmin Christian, whom she referred to as “Mrs. Karmarkar,” Munson developed a particular interest in the needs of women and children in India.

Following her graduation from medical school, she moved to India to find work while staying with Mrs. Karmarkar in Bombay in 1903, which at the time was ruled under the British Raj. Shortly after arriving in India, Munson found her first medical mission work with Brahmin Christians, Dr. Prabhakar Balaji Keskar and his wife, at a Christian and Missionary Alliance dispensary in Solapur. While she visited Leper Asylums and “relief tents” in and around Solapur, her primary focus was on the severe plague outbreak affecting the mission's orphanage. Munson relocated to Medak, Andhra Pradesh when she received urgent requests for a doctor at a British Wesleyan Methodist Mission after the abrupt departure of the incumbent physician, Dr. Watts. Established in 1887, the Medak Mission was placed on elevated ground; the gated community included a school, a Zenana women's ward. The mission was home to the revered Medak Cathedral, a diocese of the Church of South India, which still exists today. Although Reverend Charles Walker Posnett led the Mission, the land remained under control of the Hyderabadi Nizam, or Muslim monarch.

Munson describes the town as consisting of a field, or maidan, mud huts and bazaars, though she and the other missionaries lived in “large and comfortable bungalows” within the gated community. Munson was appointed the superintendent of the Zenana or women's hospital in the Medak Mission where she worked with the Mission's Indian nurses and chief compounder and “Bible-woman” known as “Abbhishakamma.” Munson treated a variety of pathologies like rheumatism, boils and wounds from local wild animals, to injuries sustained from local cultural practices including maternal health issues of child-brides, domestic violence and unintentional maltreatment by Hakims, or local doctors. Munson noted that being the only physician within 500 square miles, patients would travel from afar for the Mission's effective medical care. Aside from her daily Telugu lessons from a local “shastri,” Munson enjoyed a European lifestyle during her stay in India, living in Western styled bungalows and suites within the gated Mission.

She and the other missionaries enjoyed regular jaunts in carriages or trains to cities throughout India. Some of her travels included Agra, Simla, Yellareddipett, Tandur, Lahore, Khyber Pass, Lucknow and Secunderabad. While these outings were for enjoyment, the missionaries would sometimes receive permission from local “Patels,” or headmen, to set up tents in villages and treat the ill. On these occasions, the Medak Indian nurses and the “chaprassi,” or messenger, would accompany the missionaries. Munson encountered several ethical hardships during her missionary work in India. First, came the disapproval of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission's objectives of evangelism. Though there was not much backlash from local Hindu and Muslim leaders, critics from abroad would publicly label the Medak converts as “Rice Christians,” or Christians who convert for pragmatic benefits rather than for devotional reasons. Munson conceded that while many converted for material benefits, the Indian Christians were devout after numerous spiritual experiences.

The missionaries would express disdain for the local Hindu and “Mohamedans” whose practices they found to be “repulsive.” Munson struggled with discomfort regarding societal ways of thinking and local cultural practices. During this time, the Wom

Berlín, Usulután

Berlín is a municipality in the Usulután department of El Salvador. The municipality of Berlín is made up of 17 cantons or villages; the urban center is located at 1,020 meters above sea level in the mountains of eastern El Salvador, with the territory extending to lowland cantons on the Lempa River and to highland cantons at as much as 1,500 meters above sea level. Some of the rural cantons include: Talpetates, Loma Alta, Las Delicias, El Colon, El Tablon. Berlin is known for coffee farming, the main economic activity for the municipality and concentrated in the zona alta. In the zona baja, including the Mechotique region, activities include cattle and sugar cane farming, as well as farming of subsistence crops such as beans and corn. Nearby municipalities include Mercedes Santiago de Maria. Berlín's patron saint is San José, the annual patron saint festival is celebrated from March 15–20; the city boasts two high schools, a coffee processing plant, a bank, a credit union, a thriving municipal market, a youth community center, numerous small businesses, a Catholic church, several Evangelical congregations.

During the Salvadoran Civil War, Berlín was the site of several battles between the FMLN and military forces. The FMLN took control of the city for five days in 1983, but were driven out by heavy bombing by the military; the engagement resulted in significant destruction of property and civilian deaths. Berlín was damaged by flooding and landslides resulting from Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and by the earthquakes of January and February, 2001. To mitigate potential future natural disasters, an Environmental Unit has been established within the mayor's office. A severe thunderstorm with heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in May 2007 which resulted in the deaths of 5 people. Efforts are underway to relocate the Brisas del Sol community, where the victims were from, away from the high risk area. Berlín travel guide from Wikivoyage The Official Page of Berlín, El Salvador Wikipedia in Spanish

Argos Pelasgikon

Argos Pelasgikon is a Homeric location of Thessaly mentioned in the "Catalogue of Ships" passage: It has been interpreted to be a city in the Pelasgiotis district or an alternative name of Phthia, the kingdom of Peleus and Achilles or pertaining to the whole Thessaly. Strabo reports that: Some take the Pelasgian Argos as a Thessalian city once situated in the neighborhood of Larisa but now no longer existent. Strabo gives the following post-classical meaning of the word'argos': And in the more recent writers the plain, too, is called Argos, but not once in Homer, yet they think that this is more a Macedonian or Thessalian usage. Although Homeric geography of Thessaly is not limited in this passage, the toponym "Thessalia" is absent in Homer; the unique element of the name is restricted to king Thessalus, son of Heracles, whose sons and Antiphus appear as leaders from Dodecanesian insular kingdoms in the "Catalogue of Ships"

Riddick Bowe Boxing

Riddick Bowe Boxing is a multiplatform boxing video game released in 1993. It was released for the Game Boy and Game Gear consoles; the game was released for the Super NES in Mexico and in American Southwest states, as Chavez and starred Julio César Chávez instead of Riddick Bowe. It is identical except. Riddick Bowe Boxing features gameplay, identical to that featured in Greatest Heavyweights; the graphics are similar in function, but the artwork was redrawn. The visuals of a fight are made up of a simple boxing ring; the game features a career mode in which the player fights their way through all the boxers in the game until facing Bowe himself. The game features an exhibition mode in which players can play as any boxer and put them in matches against any boxer in the game. During a fight, each boxer has a healthmeter; when the health meter reaches zero and the player is punched the player suffers a knockdown. Large amounts of punishment to the head result in visible cuts. If a boxer is knocked down three times in a single round, the fight ends in a TKO.

Unlike in real-life boxing matches, a fight never stops for other reasons. During career mode, the player creates his own boxer. Options to edit include hair color, skin color; each boxer in the game had three attributes: power, chin. Riddick Bowe starts losing them after losing the championship, he retires in the course of the game's career mode, after which only resetting the internal data will bring him back. During career mode, all of the attributes are increased by allotted training bonuses; as the boxer progresses from match to match, his statistics start to fade. After 35 fights, his hair turns from normal to grey. After 40 fights, the player is forced to retire if he or she has never beaten the champion. Losing two fights in a row will cause the player to retire. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the SNES version a 7.2 out of 10 average, commenting, "Quite this is the best boxing game for the SNES out there. The punches of your player are easy to do and it controls like a dream." Reviewing the SNES Chavez release, GamePro noted that it has "abundant options" but deemed it a mediocre game due to the rudimentary gameplay and uninvolving graphics and sounds.

They warned prospective buyers that the game and manual are both in Spanish. Reviewing the Game Gear version, GamePro criticized the lack of backgrounds and weak sound effects, said of the gameplay, "Somehow, your fighter moves around and blocks punches if you don't press any buttons; the buttons you do press don't respond or enough to make you feel like a champ."

Naturally (Selena Gomez & the Scene song)

"Naturally" is a song performed by American band Selena Gomez & the Scene, taken from their debut studio album Kiss & Tell. It was released by Hollywood Records as the album's second single in the United States and select other countries; the song was produced by Tim James who wrote the song with Devrim Karaoglu. Musically, "Naturally" is an uptempo pop song; the song's lyrics speak of a relationship in which feelings are not forced and the protagonist sings of their happiness. The song impacted US mainstream radio on January 19, 2010, was released physically in numerous European countries thereafter. "Naturally" received positive reviews, with critics complementing its electro and club feel. The song reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Ireland, peaked in the top twenty in multiple other countries; as their first song to impact radio in the US, it reached number twenty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100, number twelve on the Pop Songs chart, it topped the Hot Dance Club Play chart.

It was certified Platinum in the United States by the RIAA and in Canada by the CRIA. The song's accompanying music video sees Gomez sporting several different outfits and styles before a backdrop. Gomez & the Scene performed the song numerous times including on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest among other televised events and live performances; the song was ranked number eighty-four on's list of "Top 100 Pop Songs of 2010". "Naturally" is an electropop song which derives from the style of Hi-NRG while incorporating disco beats. Gomez described the song as "light", "energetic", "poppy"; the song is set in common time, has an electro-pop tempo of 132 beats per minute. It is written in the key of B ♭ minor, Gomez's vocals span from the low note of F3 to high note of F5, it follows the chord progression B ♭ m -- G ♭ -- A ♭ - B ♭ m in B ♭ m-G ♭ - D ♭ - A ♭ in the chorus. According to Chris Ryan of MTV News the song is influenced by Kylie Minogue. According to CBBC, The song is lyrically about meeting someone, comfortable in their own skin, as the protagonist singing how happy they are to be with them.

The lyrics state that everything in the relationship comes "Naturally". In an interview with Digital Spy, Gomez said that the song was about "two people who have a connection with each other so they don't have to force the feelings - they're just there." Overall, she said. Bill Lamb of ranked the song amongst the top tracks on Tell. Mikael Wood of Billboard gave the song a positive review, stating that it "has a juicy and memorable vocal hook". In a review of the album, Robert Copsey of Digital Spy coined the song "electro-thumping", commenting that it was "as innocent as the purity ring on Gomez's finger and showcases her polished vocals perfectly." Copsey stated that the impressive hooks present in the song do not appear on the album anywhere else. In a single review, Nick Levine of Digital Spy said was the most Disney-affiliated single with club appeal since Miley Cyrus' "See You Again"; when commenting on whether Gomez would be a mainstay in music, Levine said, "It's too soon to tell - but most Scando-popettes would dye their locks brunette for this tune."

Although stating that it was cliche, a writer for Popjustice said that the song "seems like a boundary-smashing avant garde curiosity when you put it alongside most other Hollywood Records output." Bill Lamb of ranked "Naturally" at number eighty-four on his list of "Top 100 Pop Songs of 2010". After debuting its first week at sixty-five on Billboard's US Hot Digital Songs, holiday sales for the single subsequently pushed the song to jump to thirty-four; these digital sales made the song the "Hot Shot Debut" on the Billboard Hot 100 at number thirty-nine for the issue dated January 9, 2010 rising to twenty-nine on the Hot 100 and eighteen on the Canadian Hot 100. On the week labeled February 13, 2010, due to radio impact, the song debuted at forty on the US Pop Songs chart, was the Hot Shot Debut at thirty-nine on the Hot Dance/Club Play Songs chart where it peaked at number one; the song was certified Platinum on July 15, 2010 in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America for reaching a million in sales, 4 times Platinum on July 23, 2014 for sales and streaming.

As of August 2014, the single had sold 2,006,000 copies. It was certified Platinum in Canada by the Canadian Recording Industry Association for sales of 80,000 units."Naturally" debuted at forty-six on the Australian Singles Chart and at twenty on the New Zealand Singles Chart. In the United Kingdom, "Naturally" entered and peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number seven, the first top ten single for a Disney Channel star since Hilary Duff with her 2005 single "Wake Up" which charted at number seven; the song further charted in several European countries, appearing in the top ten of Ireland and Hungary, elsewhere in charts in Austria and Belgium, Switzerland, among others. The chartings in European countries propelled the song to peak at nineteen on the European Hot 100; the music video was filmed November 14, 2009, premiered on Disney Channel following the December 11, 2009 airing of Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation. The special effects of the video are more complex than that of the band's first single, "Falling Down".

Lead singer Gomez said, "The video is different from any other video that I've done," and added, "it has a lot more fierce clothes and a lot of fun colors." Two alternate video versions were released for the Dave Audé Remix. The video features Gomez sporting different outfits and appearing on black, red

Tulleys Farm

Tulleys Farm is a fourth-generation family farm, located in West Sussex. Originating in 1937, the farming business at Tulleys was founded by Bernard Beare, continues to be run by the Beare family to this day. Tulleys is best known for its seasonal attractions, most notably the annual Halloween festival held each October, entitled Shocktober Fest which has become the largest scream park in Europe. From Devon, Bernard Beare began farming in 1911 and moved East over the subsequent 25 years. In 1937 he settled at Worth Hall Farm, working with his young family to turn an ordinary dairy farm into a successful farming enterprise. In addition to the original dairy herd, Bernard was able to produce salad crops for the London markets, vegetables for pickling firms such as Epicure and herbs like mint and parsley for contract. In the early 1970s, Bernard's son Denis saw the potential for pick-your-own and, with his wife Marion, pursued turning Tulleys Farm into one of the largest pick-your-own farms in the area.

Growing over 40 different crops on 120 acres. Following Stuart, the son of Denis and Marion, joining the farming business in 1991, the farm shop and tearoom were opened in 1992 and 1996 respectively, the farm shop closed in 2014. In 2004 the farm was awarded'Farm Retailer of the Year' by the National Farmers Union. Reluctant to label himself a ‘conventional farmer’, Stuart’s devotion to creating an experience for his customers has led to the establishment of seasonal events. Stuart’s son Sam joined the business in 2017. Tulleys Farm hosts three seasonal events, taking place in summer and winter; as well as the Tulleys tea room and Escape rooms which are open all year round. Tulleys Escape Rooms are live challenge rooms in which customers have 60 minutes to try and escape, aided by the help of attraction hosts, who give clues over speakers inside the room. There is 4 rooms to choose from and a further 2, smaller and easier game rooms in a nearby trailer; the Outfitters – Set in 1926 Chicago, in the midst of crime.

Mutiny – Set in 1672 the golden age of Piracy. Nethercott Manor - Set in an old manor house and its gardens. Dodge City - A wild west themed escape room In December 2019 two new escape games were introduced UNCLE TICK-TOCK'S CIRCUS & KRAKEN CASINO the two escape games are both an hour long, aimed at beginners, fun and contained in just one room In 1998, Tulleys Farm was host to its first maze, created by artist Adrian Fisher. Open from mid July until early September, Tulleys Maze is the farm’s main summer event, centered around an eight acre Maize field, transformed into a challenging maze. In addition to the Giant Maize Maze there are numerous giant games, mini mazes, tractor rides, giant slides, attractions such as the Secret Forest, Farmers Golf and Straw Mountain. Towards the end of the Maze period Torch Nights take place, giving visitors the opportunity to complete the maze in the dark; the maze did not open in the summer of 2018 and was instead replaced with the re-introduction of pick you own to Tulleys Farm in the form of Pumpkins.

This was met with great excitement with ITV London broadcasting the weather live from the fields. In 2020 Shocktober Fest celebrates 25 years of screams, the Halloween event held yearly at Tulley’s Farm, is by far the most popular event. A firm favourite with some of the UK’s biggest celebrities Running throughout the month of October, Shocktober Fest offers a total of 10 haunts, including Wastelands Penitentary, Twisted Clowns 3D, The Chop Shop Garage and The Horrorwood Haunted Hayride; the event additionally offers a variety of freshly prepared food. It is known to be Europe’s largest Scream Park. Shocktober Fest is attracting over 100,000 guests every year; the farm holds Christmas experience for the winter season, which consists of a real ice rink, Santa sleigh ride and a number of other traditional farm activities such as Reindeer food making and gingerbread decorating. Current Mazes Creepy Cottage Horrorwood Hayride The Cellar Twisted Clowns VIXI - Hellements Chop Shop Coven Of 13 Circus Of Horrors The Wreckening Wastelands Penetentiary Previous Mazes Field Of Screams Dr Plagues Maze The Tunnel Colony The Volt