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Armadale/Thornlie railway line
Other name(s) Armadale/Thornlie Line
System Transperth Trains
Termini Perth
Continues as South Western Railway
Stations 20
Ridership 9.1 million (year to June 2015)
Opened 2 May 1889
Owner Public Transport Authority
Operator(s) Transperth
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification Overhead 25 kv AC
Route map

Perth Southern sidings
Moore Street crossing
Lord Street flyover
East Parade flyover
River siding
Victoria Park Drive
Victoria Park
(original station)
Victoria Park
Millers crossing
Archer St/Mint St crossing
Oats Street
Oats Street crossing
Hamilton Street crossing
Queens Park
Wharf Street crossing
Gerard Street flyover
Cannington siding
Beckenham Substation
Neutral section
William Street crossing
Thornlie Spur
Thornlie Spur
Neutral section
Thornlie Spur only
Kenwick Link
Spencer Road
Nicholson Road
Ranford Road
Wanaping Road crossing
to Mandurah line (2023)
Kenwick Junction
Austin Avenue crossing
Canning Park Racecourse
Kelvin Road crossing
Albany Highway crossing
Stokely station
Jenna Bidi Bridge
over Canning River
Fremantle Road crossing
Main Street crossing
Dorothy Street crossing
Old Gosnells station
Verna Street crossing
Lake Street crossing
Denny Avenue crossing
Streich Avenue crossing
Armadale Road crossing
Third Avenue crossing
Transperth railway lines
List of Transperth stations

The Armadale railway line is a suburban railway line in Western Australia that runs from Perth to Armadale, and continues as the South Western Railway to Bunbury. The line crosses the Swan River at East Perth via the Goongoongup Bridge, and formerly had crossed it via the Bunbury Bridge.

The Thornlie railway line is a spur line branching off the Armadale line between Beckenham and Kenwick stations that opened on 7 August 2005.


The Armadale line opened on 2 May 1889. An 1891 contract tender described the route of the new line from East Perth to Pinjarra:[1]

The original stations in 1889 were Perth, Welshpool, Kelmscott and Armadale. Cannington, although operational in 1889, was opened in 1893.[2]

The following stations were opened:[2][3]

  • Victoria Park in 1898, moved 230 metres south in 2008
  • Woodlupine in 1899 (renamed Queens Park in 1912)
  • Goodwood in 1906 (renamed Belmont Park in 1979, closed October 2013)
  • Burswood, in 1906 (named Rivervale 1923-1994)
  • Mint Street in 1912 (renamed Carlisle in 1919)
  • Seaforth on 4 May 1948
  • Higham in 1954 (renamed Beckenham in 1969)
  • Oats Street in 1954
  • Stokely in 1954, closed 15 April 1989.[4]
  • Tredale, opened in 1956 as Armadale School siding, renamed Tredale in 1959, closed in 1989.[5]
  • Lathlain on 2 May 1959 (closed February 2003)[6]
  • Challis on 29 October 1973
  • Kingsley on 29 October 1973 (renamed Sherwood 1993)

In September 1991 the line commenced electrified operation.[2]

Between 2004 and 2005, Armadale, Carlisle and Gosnells were upgraded to provide better facilities to passengers and provide better access between trains and buses. Lathlain station was closed on 3 February 2003 as part of the project.[6]

The latest station, Thornlie, was opened on 7 August 2005.[2][7][8] The station is built on a spur line of the Armadale Line.

Between 21 March 1993 and 8 August 2005, trains on the Armadale line continued through Perth to the Joondalup line. In 2004 new railcars were introduced, which became exclusive to the Joondalup line. From 2005 until 2012, Armadale Line trains did not run through Perth to the other lines but on 20 August 2012, as part of works relating to the Perth City Link project to sink the Fremantle line, services from Fremantle connected to the line until the tunnel was opened on 18 July 2013 which saw the Armadale Line terminate in Perth again.

Victoria Park and Kelmscott Stations were upgraded between 2007 and 2008 as part of the Public Transport Authority's 'Building Better Stations' program. Victoria Park station was opened on 20 July 2008.[9] and Kelmscott was opened on 21 November 2008.[10]

As part of the new Perth Stadium project, Belmont Park station closed on 13 October 2013.[11] Perth Stadium station was opened in 2018 to replace it.


As part of the Metronet project, both the Armadale main line and the Thornlie spur line will undergo extensions. The Armadale line will be extended to the suburb of Byford with a station being built approximately eight kilometres (5.0 mi) south of the Armadale railway station[12].

The Thornlie spur line will be extended to Cockburn Central railway station on the Mandurah railway line. Two new railway stations will be located on this extension, Nicholson Road and Ranford Road. Construction will start in 2019, and is expected to finish in 2023.[13][14]


Below is the annual patronage of Armadale and Thornlie railway lines from 2010–2011 financial year. Figures are provided as total boardings, which includes all fare-paying boardings and free travel on stations within the free transit zones as well as transfers between stations. The figures for rail replacement and special events services are not included in the total.[15]

Armadale/Thornlie railway line annual patronage
Year Patronage ±%
2010–11 8,838,049
2011–12 9,227,813 +4.41%
2012–13 9,667,987 +4.77%
2013–14 9,176,434 −5.08%
2014–15 9,066,797 −1.19%
2015–16 8,508,290 −6.16%
2016–17 7,385,888 −13.19%

Railway stations[edit]

During peak hour times on weekdays, some railway stations are almost always bypassed to enable faster commutes. Express trains also run along the Armadale line on weekdays, and even often on weekends.

Armadale / Thornlie Line
Name of station Code Zone Serving suburbs Pattern stops at this station Transfers
All B C T
Perth MPH 1, Free Transit Zone Perth, Northbridge Train transfer to Fremantle, Joondalup,
Mandurah & Midland lines
Transwa Australind to Bunbury
Bus transfers at Perth Busport
McIver MMR 1, Free Transit Zone Perth, East Perth Train transfer to Midland line
Claisebrook MCK 1, Free Transit Zone East Perth Train transfer to Midland line
Perth Stadium ASM 1 Burswood | | | | Special Event Station, All weekend Armadale services stop here
Burswood ABD 1 Burswood, Rivervale | |
Victoria Park AVP 1 Victoria Park, Lathlain | |
Carlisle ACE 1 Carlisle, East Victoria Park | |
Oats Street AOS 1 Carlisle, East Victoria Park Bus transfers, CircleRoute
Welshpool AWL 1 Bentley, Welshpool | |
Queens Park AQP 2 Cannington, Queens Park |
Cannington ACN 2 Cannington, East Cannington Bus transfers
Beckenham ABM 2 Beckenham |
Thornlie ATE 2 Langford, Thornlie - - - Bus transfers
Kenwick AKK 2 Kenwick
Maddington AMN 2 Maddington Bus transfers
Gosnells AGS 3 Gosnells Bus transfers
Seaforth ASH 3 Gosnells, Martin
Kelmscott AKT 3 Kelmscott, Camillo Bus transfers
Challis ACS 3 Kelmscott, Camillo
Sherwood ASD 3 Armadale, Seville Grove
Armadale AAE 4 Armadale, Brookdale Transwa Australind to Bunbury & Perth
Bus transfers

Disused stopping patterns[edit]


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