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Arrondissements of Belgium are subdivisions below the provinces of Belgium. There are administrative, judicial and electoral arrondissements. These may or may not relate to identical geographical areas.

Belgium, a federalized state, geographically consists of 3 regions, of which only the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region are subdivided into five provinces each; the Brussels-Capital Region is neither a province nor is it part of one.


Administrative arrondissements of Belgium

The 43 administrative arrondissements are an administrative level between the municipalities and the provinces. Brussels-Capital forms a single arrondissement for all 19 municipalities in the region by that name.

Dutch name French name HASC NUTS NIS/INS In province Population (as of 1/1/2016)
Aalst Alost BE.OV.AL BE231 41 East Flanders 285,041
Aarlen Arlon BE.LX.AR BE341 81 Luxembourg 61,180
Aat Ath BE.HT.AT BE321 51 Hainaut 86,515
Antwerpen Anvers BE.AN.AW BE211 11 Antwerp 1,033,674
Bastenaken Bastogne BE.LX.BS BE342 82 Luxembourg 47,319
Bergen Mons BE.HT.MN BE323 53 Hainaut 257,860
Borgworm Waremme BE.LG.WR BE334 64 Liège 79,444
Brugge Bruges BE.WV.BG BE251 31 West Flanders 280,456
Brussel-Hoofdstad Bruxelles-Capitale BE.BU.BR BE100 21 N/A 1,187,890
- Charleroi BE.HT.CR BE322 52 Hainaut 430,587
Dendermonde Termonde BE.OV.DM BE232 42 East Flanders 198,494
Diksmuide Dixmude BE.WV.DK BE252 32 West Flanders 51,030
- Dinant BE.NA.DN BE351 91 Namur 109,755
Doornik Tournai BE.HT.TR BE327 57 Hainaut 146,535
Eeklo - BE.OV.EK BE233 43 East Flanders 83,573
Gent Gand BE.OV.GT BE234 44 East Flanders 550,372
Halle-Vilvoorde Hal-Vilvorde BE.VB.HV BE241 23 Flemish Brabant 622,234
Hasselt - BE.LI.HS BE221 71 Limburg 423,067
Hoei Huy BE.LG.HY BE331 61 Liège 112,465
Ieper Ypres BE.WV.IP BE253 33 West Flanders 106,154
Kortrijk Courtrai BE.WV.KR BE254 34 West Flanders 286,471
Leuven Louvain BE.VB.LV BE242 24 Flemish Brabant 499,459
Luik Liège BE.LG.LG BE332 62 Liège 620,960
Maaseik - BE.LI.MS BE222 72 Limburg 238,944
- Marche-en-Famenne BE.LX.MR BE343 83 Luxembourg 55,934
Mechelen Malines BE.AN.MH BE212 12 Antwerp 337,339
Moeskroen Mouscron BE.HT.MC BE324 54 Hainaut 75,492
Namen Namur BE.NA.NM BE352 92 Namur 312,965
- Neufchâteau BE.LX.NC BE344 84 Luxembourg 62,360
Nijvel Nivelles BE.BW.NV BE310 25 Walloon Brabant 396,840
Oostende Ostende BE.WV.OS BE255 35 West Flanders 154,919
Oudenaarde Audenarde BE.OV.OD BE235 45 East Flanders 123,008
- Philippeville BE.NA.PV BE353 93 Namur 66,484
Roeselare Roulers BE.WV.RS BE256 36 West Flanders 149,697
Sint-Niklaas Saint-Nicolas BE.OV.SN BE236 46 East Flanders 246,234
- Thuin BE.HT.TN BE326 56 Hainaut 151,209
Tielt - BE.WV.TL BE257 37 West Flanders 92,124
Tongeren Tongres BE.LI.TG BE223 73 Limburg 201,414
Turnhout - BE.AN.TH BE213 13 Antwerp 453,123
- Verviers BE.LG.VV BE335
63 Liège 285,819
Veurne Furnes BE.WV.VR BE258 38 West Flanders 60,977
- Virton BE.LX.VT BE345 85 Luxembourg 53,534
Zinnik Soignies BE.HT.SG BE325 55 Hainaut 188,959


Judicial arrondissements of Belgium

Belgium had 27 judicial arrondissements until April 1, 2014.[1]

Judicial arrondissement Province Containing administrative arrondissements
Arlon Luxemburg Arlon, Virton
Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp
Bruges West Flanders Bruges, Ostend
parts of: Roeselare, Tielt
Brussels Flemish Brabant;
Brussels-Capital, Halle-Vilvoorde
Charleroi Hainaut Charleroi, Thuin
Dendermonde East Flanders Sint-Niklaas, Dendermonde
part of Aalst
Dinant Namur Dinant, Philippeville
Eupen Liège part of Verviers
Ghent East Flanders Ghent, Eeklo
Hasselt Limburg parts of: Hasselt, Maaseik
Huy Liège Huy
parts of: Liège, Waremme
Kortrijk West Flanders Kortrijk
parts of: Roeselare, Tielt
Leuven Flemish Brabant Leuven
Liège Liège parts of: Liège, Waremme
Marche-en-Famenne Luxemburg Marche-en-Famenne
part of Bastogne
Mechelen Antwerp Mechelen
Mons Hainaut Mons
parts of: Ath, Soignies
Namur Namur Namur
Neufchâteau Luxemburg Neufchâteau
part of Bastogne
Nivelles Walloon Brabant Nivelles
Oudenaarde East Flanders Oudenaarde
part of Aalst
Tongeren Limburg Tongeren
parts of: Hasselt, Maaseik
Tournai Hainaut Tournai, Mouscron
parts of: Ath, Soignies
Turnhout Antwerp Turnhout
Verviers Liège part of Verviers
Veurne West Flanders Veurne, Diksmuide
Ypres West Flanders Ypres
part of Roeselare


Until 1999 (inclusive) the electoral districts for the election of the parliaments were electoral arrondissements; at present these are the ten provinces. The arrondissement of Brussels-Capital (geographically coinciding with the Brussels-Capital Region) is not part of any province and consequently forms its own electoral district.

For the elections of the Walloon Parliament, 13 arrondissements (or grouped arrondissements) are still being used as electoral circles:

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  2. ^ One part of the arrondissement is in the province Flemish Brabant, the other part is in the Brussel Capital Region (which does not belong to any province).