Arstanbek Abdyldayev

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Arstanbek Abdyldayev (born April 28, 1968) is a Kyrgyz politician and businessman, who was one of the candidates in the 2011 presidential election, most famous for his promise that there would be no winter, and the West would suffer from floods.[1] The video of him telling about this became an Internet meme in the former Soviet Union, with the most popular video about him gathering more than two million views on YouTube.[2] Abdyldayev is participating in the 2017 presidential election as an independent.


Abdyldayev, a businessman born in Naryn Region of Kyrgyzstan,[3] is the founder of El Uchun party. He took part in 2011 presidential election in Kyrgyzstan but gained less than 0,5 percent, taking the 9th place out of 16 candidates.[4]

He gained an immediate fame after holding a press conference shortly after the election, where he declared that there would be no winter in Kyrgyzstan, and that his home country is the core of the Earth.[2]


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