Artemidoros Aniketos

Artemidoros Aniketos was a king who ruled in the area of Gandhara and Pushkalavati in modern northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Artemidoros has traditionally been seen as an Indo-Greek king, his remaining coins feature portraits of Artemidoros and Hellenistic deities and are typical of Indo-Greek rulers, but on a coin described by numismatician R. C. Senior, Artemidoros seems to claim to be the son of the Indo-Scythian king Maues. Not only does this coin enable a closer dating of Artemidoros. While Maues was'Great King of Kings', Artemidoros only styled himself King, he was either challenged by or ruled in tandem with other kings such as Menander II, whose coins have been found alongside his, Apollodotus II. In a 2009 article however, Bopearachchi disputes the interpretation of the coin according to which Artemidoros would be son of Maues; the analysis of several similar coins in good condition and cleaned-up reveals that the obverse should be read rajatirajasa moasa putrasa ca artemidorosa, the ca meaning "and", which opens the way to a possible translation being "King of kings Maues, the son of Artemidoros".

This would suggest that the son of Artemidoros would have issued coins in the name of his father, recognizing at the same time the suzerainty of Maues. In that case, Artemidoros would have been a regular Indo-Greek king, whose son made a transition with the rule of Maues. Bopearachchi has suggested a date of c. 85-80 BCE, but this was before the appearance of the Maues coin. Senior's dating is wider, c. 100–80 BCE, because Senior has given Maues an earlier date. During the 1990s, several new types of Artemidoros' coins appeared, of variable quality. R. C. Senior has suggested that Artemidoros relied on temporary mints because he held no major cities. All his coins were Indian bilinguals. Silver: Obverse: diademed or helmeted bust of king. Reverse: Artemis facing left or right, Nike facing left or right, or king on horseback. Artemis, the eponymous goddess of hunting, is seen using a curved bow, which may have been typical of Scythian tribes and further supports his affiliation with them. Bronzes: Artemis / humped bull or Artemis / lion.

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The Synovus Financial Corporation the Columbus Bank and Trust Company, is a financial services company with $45 billion in assets based in Columbus, Georgia. Synovus provides commercial and retail banking and mortgage services through 249 branches and 335 ATMs in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee; the bank opened in 1888 following an incident at a textile mill in which a worker's dress became entangled in machinery, spilling the money she had sewn into her hem onto the floor. After she explained to a factory executive that she had felt this was the safest place to keep her savings, he offered instead to secure her money in the mill safe and pay her interest on her balance; this service was soon offered to all company employees. Synovus's founding parent company, Columbus Bank and Trust, has deep roots in its hometown. CB&T started TSYS in 1959 and in 1974 the company began processing credit cards for other banks. In 1983, CB&T made TSYS a separate publicly traded company, retaining majority ownership.

On October 25, 2007, TSYS and Synovus announced a spin-off, completed as of the end of 2007. Synovus took its current name in 2010. Since its founding in 1888, it has acquired 35 banks. Alabama: Sterling Bank MONTGOMERY, The First National Bank of Jasper, First Commercial Bank of Huntsville, First Commercial Bank BIRMINGHAM, Community Bank and Trust of Southeast Alabama DOTHAN, The Bank of Tuscaloosa, CB&T Bank of East Alabama PHENIX CITY. Florida: Tallahassee State Bank, Synovus Bank SAINT PETERSBURG, Synovus Bank JACKSONVILLE, First Coast Community Bank FERNANDINA BEACH, Coastal Bank and Trust of Florida PENSACOLA. Georgia: Buena Vista Loan & Savings Bank, First United Bank MONTEZUMA, Bank of Manchester, Coastal Bank of Georgia BRUNSWICK, Sea Island Bank STATESBORO, SB&T BANK ALBANY, Georgia Bank & Trust CALHOUN, First State Bank and Trust Company of Valdosta, Commercial Bank & Trust Company of Troup County LAGRANGE, First Community Bank of Tifton, Commercial Bank THOMASVILLE, Citizens First Bank ROME, CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia WARNER ROBINS, AFB&T ATHENS, Bank of Coweta NEWNAN, Bank of North Georgia ALPHARETTA, Sunrise Bank VALDOSTA.

South Carolina: The National Bank of South Carolina SUMTER. Tennessee: Cohutta Banking Company CHATTANOOGA, Trust One Bank MEMPHIS, The Bank of Nashville. Nebraska: World's Foremost Bank SIDNEY. In 2009 the bank was listed as one of more than 150 United States lenders that owned nonperforming loans equal in value to five percent or more of their holdings, exceeding a threshold said to threaten its survival. Synovus subsequently laid off 850 employees and closed many branches in early 2011. In July 2013, Synovus repaid $967.9 million borrowed under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. In early 2010, Synovus consolidated thirty separate state bank charters into one Georgia charter and began the transition toward operating as a more centralized bank. Beginning in late 2017 and ending in mid-2018, the company transitioned from 28 locally-branded divisions to a single Synovus brand. In January 2019, Synovus completed a $2.9 billion acquisition of FCB Financial Holdings, Inc. owner of Florida Community Bank.

Branding to Synovus was expected during the second quarter of 2019. Synovus Financial Corporation New Georgia Encyclopedia Article on Synovus Bronze Statue Pays Tribute to Synovus' Legacy Synovus To Spin-off TSYS - Forbes Synovus Financial Completes Spin-off Of TSYS - RTT News

Shanira Blanco

Shanira Blanco Colón is a Puerto Rican TV Presenter and model, social media influencer and former national director of Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico and Miss Earth Puerto Rico. Shanira Mariette Blanco Colón was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican mother, María Colón, a Dominican father, Ángel Blanco. Shanira is the oldest of three children from that marriage. Since she was a young, Shanira showed her discipline, always keeping her leadership and honors in school, which helped her be captain of her high school volleyball team, earned her a position in the "National Honor Society”, was elected “Student of the Year” by the “Private Schools Puerto Rican Association” in 1999. Though she always aspired to study in the mainland, up to the degree that she was admitted at Syracuse University in New York with an Honor's Scholarship, she declined staying in the states, feeling her future was somewhere else; when she was 19 years old, she started competing in different beauty pageants, which made her travel the world to places like Venezuela, Germany and the Philippines among others, won Miss Amber World 2001 and Miss Folklore World 2001.

Blanco represented Carolina municipality at Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2004 pageant, where she finished as 2nd Runner-Up to Alba Reyes. Blanco represented Puerto Rico at the Miss Earth 2004, she won the Miss Leonardo award. Blanco was the previous national director for the Miss World Puerto Rico, Miss Earth Puerto Rico, Miss Grand International Puerto Rico franchises. After marriage and becoming pregnant with her first born, Shanira decided to step down from directing these events to dedicate her time to her newborn son, Mateo. After pageants, the doors to the world of television opened up for Shanira, receiving the opportunity from Puerto Rico's producer Hector Marcano in 2005, to join and co-host with his team, the television show “Que Suerte”, transmitted through the Univisión Puerto Rico Network, it is there were Shanira grows as a TV personality, obtaining the chance to collaborate in other TV Shows like “El Gordo y la Flaca" and "Objetivo Fama", both directed to the Puerto Rican audience as well as the Hispanic market in the United States.

At the same time, this young woman received the “Paoli Award” for “Outstanding New TV Talent of the Year ”, was elected as “The Most Beautiful Face on TV” by the readers of Teve Guia Magazine and was hired by the Mirta de Perales beauty company as their Hispanic Market Spokesperson. She has been Mirta de Perales Spokesperson since 2005. After “Que Suerte”, her TV career continued, where she received an offer from Univision PR to host the show “Flashazo VIP”, one that she accepted and continued doing it till 2012. After Flashazo VIP, Shanira continued to appear in Univision Puerto Rico shows like Tu Mañana, Tu Mediodia and Ruben & Co. From 2015- 2016, Shanira left Univision to be part of Mega TV's Entertainment Show Paparazzi TV starring Chanty Vargas and herself. 2017, Univision Puerto Rico announced Shanira was returning to the network to be part of their new project " Despierta Puerto Rico". In 2019, Shanira returned to daytime television hosting the new TV show “ Aqui Estamos” which means, We are Here!

With Puertorrican merengue sensation host, Manny Manuel. The show airs daily from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm on WIPR Television Network. All these opportunities in the Television Industry and after acquiring a bachelor's degree in marketing and a master's degree in business, made Shanira established her own modeling and finishing school, named “Actitud” in 2007, in which through their seminars, they teach their students that with the right attitude and plenty of confidence, anything in life can be achieved. Shanira's Actitud Modeling Academy is the Top Modeling School in the region, which has prepared delegates to the Miss World Pageant such as Ivonne Orsini WAPA TV Hosts, which placed in the semifinals in 2008 and Amanda Vilanova, which became Miss World Caribbean and 2nd Runner up in London in 2011. Actitud trained Miss World Puerto Rico 2012 Janelee Chaparro, who placed as quarter finalist in Miss World 2012 and represented Puerto Rico in Miss Grand International 2013 where she won the first edition of this event.

In 2013 Blanco married longtime boyfriend Augusto Ayala. They have a son named Mateo, born in 2015. SOCIAL MEDIA Shanira Blanco is one of Puerto Rico's Top Influencers on Social Media. With around 500,000 followers on Facebook alone, Shanira has worked in social media campaigns with clients like Mastercard, Cointreau, Colgate, Prego, Maybelline, Macy's, Mirta de Perales and many more. List of television presenters Miss Puerto Rico 2004 Miss Earth 2004