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Arthur Breisky (May 14, 1885, Roudnice nad Labem near Prague – 1910, New York City, United States) was a Czech writer of Decadence.

He was a novelist, a translator, literary editor, and a playwright; wrote a number of reviews on modern literature and art. Was also known as a dandy and aesthetician, and a master of mystification both in his literary works and in real life.

Born in Roudnice, Arthur started his education in Prague but moved with the family to Louny in 1899. Nowadays, there is a street in Louny named after Arthur Breisky.

Outline of works[edit]

Best known books:

  • Triumf zla (The Triumph of Evil) (1910)
  • Dvě novely (Two stories) (1927)

Essays and critical reviews:

  • Střepy zrcadel (Shattered Mirrors) (1928)

His correspondence and unpublished papers from 1902–1910 have been gathered and later published as a book V království chimér (In the Kingdom of Chimeras).

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