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Articles of association

In corporate governance, a company's articles of association is a document which, along with the memorandum of association form the company's constitution, defines the responsibilities of the directors, the kind of business to be undertaken, the means by which the shareholders exert control over the board of directors. It refers to that document of the company in which rules of internal management to achieve the objective laid down in the memorandum of association are stated; the term articles of association of a company, or articles of incorporation, of an American or Canadian Company, are simply referred to as articles. The Articles are a requirement for the establishment of a company under the law of India, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and many other countries. Together with the memorandum of association, they are the constitution of a company; the equivalent term for LLC is Articles of Organization. Equivalent terms operate in other countries, such as Gesellschaftsvertrag in Germany, statuts in France, statut in Poland, Ukrainian: статут in Ukraine, Jeong-gwan in South Korea.

In South Africa, from the new Companies Act 2008 which commenced in 2011, articles and memoranda of association have been replaced by a "memorandum of incorporation" or "MOI". The MOI gives more scope to vary how to the company is governed than the previous arrangement; the following is based on British Company Law, references which are made at the end of this Article. The Articles can cover a medley of topics, not all of, required in a country's law. Although all terms are not discussed, they may cover: The issuing of shares, different voting rights attached to different classes of shares Valuation of intellectual rights, the valuations of the IPR of one partner and, in a similar way as how we value real estate of another partnerThe appointments of directors - which shows whether a shareholder dominates or shares equality with all of the contributors Directors meetings - the quorum and percentage of vote Management decisions - whether the board manages or a founder Transferability of shares - assignment rights of the founders or other members of the company do Special voting rights of a Chairman, his/her mode of election The dividend policy - a percentage of profits to be declared when there is profit or otherwise Winding up - the conditions, notice to members Confidentiality of know-how and the founders' agreement and penalties for disclosure First right of refusal - purchase rights and counter-bid by a founder.

Drag along provisions – majority shareholders force a sale on the other shareholders. Good and bad leaver provisions – determine the price paid for shares transferred following cessation of directorship or employment. A Company is run by the shareholders, but for convenience, day-to-day working, by the elected Directors; the shareholders elect a Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting, which may be statutory.and uk The number of Directors depends on the size of the Company and statutory requirements. The Chairperson is a well-known outsider but he /she may be a working Executive of the company of an American Company; the Directors may, or may not, be employees of the Company. In the emerging countries there are some major shareholders who come together to form the company; each has the right to nominate, without objection of the other, a certain number of Directors who become nominees for the election by the shareholder body at the AGM. The Treasurer and Chairperson is the privilege of one of the JV partners.

Shareholders may elect Independent Directors. The Chair would be a person not associated with the promoters of the company, a person is a well-known outsider. Once elected, the BOD manages the Company; the shareholders play no part till the next AGM/EGM. The Objectives and the purpose of the Company are determined in advance by the shareholders and the Memorandum of Association, if separate, which denotes the name of the Company, its Head- Office, street address, Directors and the main purposes of the Company for public access, it can not be changed except at statutory allowance. The MOA is filed with a Registrar of Companies, an appointee of the Government of the country. For their assurance, the shareholders are permit of the Memorandum of Association. Any matter in the Articles of Association not within the scope of the Memorandum of Association of the company is void; the Board meets several times each year. At each meeting there is an'agenda' before it. A minimum number of Directors is required to meet.

This is a statutory requirement. It is presided over by the Vice-Chair; the Directors survey their area of responsibility. They may determine to make a'Resolution' at the next AGM or if it is an urgent matter, at an EGM; the Directors who are the electives of one major shareholder, may present his/her view but this is not so - they may have to view the Objectives of the Company and competitive position. The Chair may have to break the vote. At the AGM, the various Resolutions are put to vote; the AGM is called with a notice sent to all shareholders with a clear interval. A certain quorum of shareholders is required to meet. If the quorum requirement is not met, it is canceled and another Meeting called. If it at that too a quorum is not met, a Third Meeti

Goniothalamus scortechinii

Goniothalamus scortechinii is a species of plant in the family Annonaceae. It is native to Peninsular Thailand. George King, the British botanist who first formally described the species, named it in honor of Benedetto Scortechini, an Italian priest and member of the Linnean Society of London and New South Wales who collected many important botanical samples in Peninsular Malaysia, it is called Akar Gajah Beranak and is used in traditional medicine. Bioactive molecules extracted from its leaves have been reported to have antiplasmodial, antibacterial activity, it is a tree reaching 7 meters in height. Its leaves are come to a point at their tip, its flowers are solitary. Its 3 sepals are 0.65 by 1 inch. Its 6 petals are arranged in two rows of 3; the outer petals are the same size as the sepals. The inner petals are 5 inches long, it has numerous stamens. Its stigmas have 2-3 lobes; the pollen of G. scortechinii is shed as permanent tetrads

Ali Jawad

Ali Jawad is a British Paralympic powerlifter competing in the −59 kg class. Born without legs, he took up powerlifting at the age of 16, he competed in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. The following year he took gold at the Asian Open Championships making a world record lift of 185.5 kg. At the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, he became World Champion in his class, setting another world record, lifting 190 kg. Jawad, born without legs, spent the first six months of his life in his parents’ home country of Lebanon. Jawad has two powerful stumps for legs, which end mid-thigh, his early life coincided with a conflict between Lebanon and Israel, his parents chose to emigrate to Great Britain for their children's safety. The family took up residence in London. Jawad has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and is a high-profile supporter of charities which support sufferers of the disease, he died in 2010 from this disease. Jawad became a British Junior Powerlifting champion, has set junior British and European records.

He is ranked number 2 in the World Under-23 Powerlifting category. Jawad competes for the Wood Green Weightlifting Club, the University of East London. Jawad competed as an international-level Judoka before becoming a powerlifter, he won silver in the Junior World Championship powerlifting in 2006, gold in the European Championships in 2007. He won gold at the World junior championships in 2008, setting a British junior and senior record and a European junior record, he lifted the second biggest weight in Great Britain's paralympic powerlifting history at just 19. He won junior gold at the European championships in 2007 and at 17 years old finishing 4th in the senior category. In the run up to the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio, Jawad competed in the 2015 IPC European Powerlifting Championships in Eger, Hungary. There he secured a gold medal in the −65 kg class. Official website at the Wayback Machine Ali Jawad at the British Paralympic Association Ali Jawad at the International Paralympic Committee

Schuyler Fisk

Schuyler Elizabeth Fisk is an American actress and singer-songwriter. Fisk was born in California, to actress Sissy Spacek and production designer Jack Fisk, she has a younger sister named Madison. Fisk began acting in school plays as a child and progressed to film, her first role was as a bumblebee in a community theatre production of Charlotte's Web. She played her first lead role, in sixth grade, she married Chapman Bullock on May 26, 2012. Fisk got her film breakthrough in 1995 as Kristy Thomas in The Baby-Sitters Club, her next appearance came in the 2000 film Snow Day as Lane Leonard. She is most well known for her supporting role as Ashley in the 2002 teen comedy Orange County, starring opposite Colin Hanks and Jack Black, her notable TV appearances include an appearance on One Tree Hill as Daytona in the 2005 episode "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning", an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Ella Christiansen in the 2006 episode "Taboo." She played the protective sister in the 2011 film Restless.

Fisk plays the guitar, which she learned from her mother, sang in various musicals as a child. She began playing her own songs at age 15 and, in 2004, signed with Universal Records. In 2006, she put her acting career on hold in favor of honing her skills as a musician and recorded a demo with Joshua Radin, with whom she toured for two years. In early 2006 the duo wrote a song entitled "Paperweight." Radin introduced Fisk to Zach Braff, who in turn used the duet on the soundtrack of his film The Last Kiss. Various projects soon followed, including recording the song "I Just Remember Goodbye" for the film Gray Matters starring Tom Cavanagh, Heather Graham, Bridget Moynahan, "Waking Life" for the film Penelope starring Christina Ricci. In 2008, Fisk amicably left Universal. Plans to release an EP were scrapped in favor of releasing a full-length album, released digitally on January 27, 2009, as a download at several online retailers; as of the week of February 4, 2009, Fisk's debut album The Good Stuff, climbed to #1 on the iTunes Folk Charts.

On Amazon, Fisk's album ranked #17 on the Folk chart in MP3 albums. The album was well received including the New York Times, she toured with Ben Taylor. On March 1, 2011, Fisk released her second album Blue Ribbon Winner toured alongside the band Harper Blynn. In November 2011, Fisk released a Christmas EP titled "Sounds of the Holiday" on Amazon. Tracks included old classics such as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree," and "Silver Bells," as well as original Christmas music. Fisk's band FM Radio debuted an album titled Out of the Blue in April 2012. Fisk joined another singer-songwriter in Carl Anderson and Sam Wilson, who had toured as part of Sons of Bill; the trio formed The Restless Hearts, though after an initial tour, the group changed their name to'Me and My Brother'. Their first single to be released was called "Restless Heart", she graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia in 2006. The Good Stuff Blue Ribbon Winner Songs for Now One World.

Be Kind. Sounds of the Holiday Love Somebody. "Skeletons in the Closet" "Snow Day" "American Gun" "I'm Reed Fish" "Penelope" "Gray Matters" "Dear John" Life Unexpected Bride Unbridled Ugly Betty The Past Presents the Future "House" AppleBox Official website Schuyler Fisk on IMDb One on One with Schuyler Fisk Soundcrank podcast hosted by Schuyler Fisk Metromix 5 Questions With... Schuyler Fisk

Finland national basketball team

The Finland national basketball team represents Finland in international basketball competition. The team is governed by Basketball Finland. Finland has played in 16 EuroBasket tournaments, with their best finish coming in sixth place at EuroBasket 1967 on home soil; the national team has reached the Summer Olympics twice, in 1952 as the host, 1964. In 2014 Finland qualified for their first appearance to the FIBA World Cup. Since 2011, Finland has had the highest FIBA World Ranking among Nordic countries; the Finnish Basketball Association was founded in February 1939. A few months earlier the Finnish Football Federation had decided to add basketball to its own repertoire. Finland first competed at the European championship at its third installment, the EuroBasket 1939. In the round-robin, they struggled and lost to each of the other seven teams and finished with a 70–541 overall point differential. Finland's next European competition was 12 years at the EuroBasket 1951 in Paris. Overall, they fared much better and split their four preliminary round games and finished at third place in the group at 2–2 but were eliminated from championship contention.

They had success after that, winning all three of their classification round 1 games and both round 2 games to finish in 9th place of the 18 teams. In 1952, by virtue of hosting the games in Helsinki, Finland played at the Summer Olympics for the first time; the national team finished at the bottom of Group B in the preliminary round losing all of its game to the Soviet Union and Mexico, failing to advance. Finland used this international experience when they competed again at the EuroBasket 1953 in Moscow. In the preliminary round, they finished with 1 win and 3 losses for 4th place of the 5 teams in the group, they fared better in the first classification round, winning 3 and losing only 1 to finish in the middle of a three-way tie in the group. They lost both the 9–12 and 11/12 classification games, taking 12th place of 17 overall. At the next event, Finland had some difficulty in the preliminary round of EuroBasket 1955, they were relegated to the classification round. Once again, not faced with the world elite opponents anymore, the Fins shone in the classification round and won all four of the pool play games.

They won their classification 9–12 match as well, but lost to France in the 9/10 final to finish 10th of 18 in the tournament. In Sofia, at the EuroBasket 1957, the Finns finished third in their preliminary group after going 1–2, they won five games there with only one loss. They took 11th place overall in the tournament. At the EuroBasket 1995 in Greece, was Finland's first qualification to the top European basketball tournament since 1977; the national team did not fair too well at the event though. As they were routed in their first match against Russia 126-74, led to them fnishing with an 0-6 record and eliminated. Finland qualified for the EuroBasket 2011; the tournament berth was the first for Finland in 16 years. There they finished third out of six teams in EuroBasket 2011 Group C and defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 92–64 and Montenegro 71–65; this allowed them to they qualify for the EuroBasket 2011 Group F. In their first match they were defeated by Russia but afterwards they defeated Georgia, before losing to Slovenia in their final match of the tournament.

Despite not making it to the best of 8 tournament, Finland ended up making it to their first FIBA World Cup as a wild card team alongside Greece and Brazil. Roster for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualification. Henrik Dettmann – 1939 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 8 teams 3 Martti Salminen, 4 Kalevi Ihalainen, 5 Ilkka Törrönen, 6 Erkki Saurala, 8 Pentti Vuollekoski, 9 Pauli Sarkkula, 10 Heinonen, 11 Erkki Lindén, 12 Vladi Marmo, 13 Reino Valtonen, 14 Alo Suurna 1951 EuroBasket: finished 9th among 17 teams 3 Oiva Virtanen, 4 Raimo Lindholm, 5 Juhani Kyöstilä, 6 Timo Suviranta, 7 Pentti Laaksonen, 8 Raine Nuutinen, 9 Kalevi Sylander, 11 Arto Koivisto, 12 Pertti Mutru, 13 Kalevi Heinänen, 14 Kaj Gustafsson, 15 Olli Arppe, 16 Allan Pietarinen, 17 Tapio Pöyhönen 1952 Olympic Games: finished 15th among 23 teams 3 Juhani Kyöstilä, 4 Raine Nuutinen, 5 Raimo Lindholm, 6 Timo Suviranta, 7 Kalevi Heinänen, 8 Pentti Laaksonen, 9 Oiva Virtanen, 10 Esko Karhunen, 11 Eero Salonen, 12 Pertti Mutru, 13 Tapio Pöyhönen 1953 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 17 teams 3 Timo Lampen, 4 Raine Nuutinen, 5 Raimo Lindholm, 6 Timo Suviranta, 7 Keijo Hynninen, 8 Kalevi Heinänen, 9 Pentti Laaksonen, 10 Oiva Virtanen, 11 Eero Salonen, 12 Kaj Gustafsson, 13 Pertti Mutru, 14 Allan Pietarinen 1955 EuroBasket: finished 10th among 18 teams 3 Timo Lampén, 4 Raine Nuutinen, 5 Raimo Lindholm, 6 Timo Suviranta, 7 Kalevi Heinänen, 8 Oiva Virtanen, 9 Eero Salonen, 10 Kalevi Sylander, 11 Taisto Ravantti, 12 Seppo Kuusela, 13 Asko Jokinen, 14 Pertti Mutru, 15 Kalevi Tuominen 1957 EuroBasket: finished 11th among 16 teams 3 Timo Lampén, 4 Raine Nuutinen, 5 Raimo Lindholm, 6 Timo Suviranta, 7 Arvo Jantunen, 8 Paavo Suhonen, 9 Juhani Kala, 10 Seppo Kuusela, 11 Kalevi Sylander, 12 Eero Salonen, 13 Pertti Mutru, 14 Arto Koivisto 1959 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 17 teams 3 Matti Köli, 4 Timo Lampén, 5 Pentti Palkoaho, 6 Matti Nenonen, 7 Raine Nuutinen, 8 Raimo Lindholm, 9 Arvo Jantunen, 10 Kyösti Rousti, 11 Juhani Kala, 12 Seppo Kuusela, 13 Eero Salonen, 14 Raimo Vartia 1961 EuroBasket: finished 14th among 19 teams 4 Uolevi Manninen, 5 Kar

Military camp

A military camp or bivouac is a semi-permanent facility for the lodging of an army. Camps are erected when a military force travels away from a major installation or fort during training or operations, have the form of large campsites. In the Roman era the military camp had stylized parameters and served an entire legion. Archaeological investigations have revealed many details of these Roman camps at sites such as Vindolanda and Raedykes. In the British Army, Commonwealth armies, the United States Marine Corps, other military forces, permanent military bases are called camps, including Tidworth Camp, Bulford Camp, Prospect Camp of the British Army and Camp Lejeune and Camp Geiger of the United States Marine Corps. Modular Military Camps