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Arva Industries is a company that specializes in work equipment for military, industrial, rail and resource sectors. The company is based in St. Thomas, Ontario.


  • RT56 Vacuum rodder car
  • ARA0309 Hydraulic crane
  • ARA0280 Hydraulic crane
  • AR0101 Removable 1 ton Rail Crane
  • Anchor Bolt Drilling Attachment


  • Toronto Transit Commission - various subway work cars
    • RT2 flat car
    • RT4 Track re-insulation car
    • RT5 Tunnel leak repair (grout) car
    • RT11 non-motor car
    • RT14-15 Mk III snow clearing unit
    • RT16-17 tunnel washer
    • crane
    • RT28-29 flat cars
    • RT42 scaffold car
    • RT47 flat car
    • RT48-49 motored snow blower
    • RT55 flat car with crane
    • RT56 vacuum rodder car
    • RT57 General Purpose Rail Flat Car
    • RT70 flat car
    • RT71 Tri-Mode Work Locomotive
  • Potash Corporation
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • US Army
  • Canadian Army
    • ballistic protected backhoe and front end loader

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