As the Music Plays

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As The Music Plays
Studio album by
GenrePinoy Rock/Jazz
LabelEMI Philippines, Inc.
Bamboo chronology
As The Music Plays
Light Peace Love
Singles from As the Music Plays
  1. "Noypi"
    Released: 2004
  2. "Mr. Clay"
    Released: 2004
  3. "Masaya"
    Released: 2004
  4. "These Days"
    Released: 2004

As The Music Plays is the debut album released by Pinoy rock band Bamboo following the return of Bamboo Mañalac in the Philippine music scene after 5 years of hiatus in the United States. Bamboo immediately gained fame for the track "Noypi" which captivated the hearts of the youth and sparked patriotism in the Philippines; this album contains 10 tracks, with 3 in Tagalog, namely: "Noypi", "Hudas", and "Masaya".

The initial release of the album used a white cover. Later in the same year, Bamboo released a new version with a black cover containing 6 bonus tracks and 3 video clips of "Noypi", "Masaya", and "Mr. Clay".

Track listing[edit]

"White Cover" - Initial Tracks

All tracks written by Bamboo.

1."Take Me Down"3:56
2."As The Music Plays The Band"4:29
3."Mr. Clay"3:56
4."Pride and The Flame"4:49
6."War of Hearts and Minds"3:53
7."Light Years"2:27
8."These Days"4:09
"Black Cover" - Bonus Tracks
11."Break On Through (PM)"The Doors cover - fast/up-beat version4:51
12."God Knows Hudas Not Pay"acoustic version of their song Hudas3:46
13."Masaya (feat. Ria Osorio)"Piano rock version of their song Masaya4:49
14."The General"Dispatch cover4:09
15."I Don't Wanna Wait in Vain (for your love)"Bob Marley cover of "Waiting in Vain"5:10
16."Break On Through (early AM)"The Doors cover - slow version3:30