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As the crow flies

As the crow flies, similar to in a beeline, is an idiom for the most direct path between two points. This meaning is attested from the early 19th century, appeared in Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist: We cut over the fields at the back with him between us – straight as the crow flies – through hedge and ditch. According to BBC Focus, "'As the crow flies' is a pretty common saying but it isn't accurate". Crows do not swoop in the air like swallows or starlings, but they circle above their nests. Crows do conspicuously fly alone across open country, but neither crows nor bees fly in straight lines. Before modern navigational methods were introduced, crows were kept upon ships and released when land was sought. Crows instinctively fly towards land. Geodesic Great-circle distance Vogelfluglinie Dundes, Alan. "As the Crow Flies: A Straightforward Study of Lineal Worldview in American Folk Speech". In Lau, Kimberley J.. What Goes Around Comes Around: The Circulation of Proverbs in Contemporary Life.

Utah State University Press. Pp. 171–187. ISBN 978-0-87421-592-2. Winfield, Charles H.. Adjudged Words and Phrases: Being a Collection of Adjudicated Definitions of Terms Used in the Law, with References to Authorities. Jersey City, NJ: J. J. Griffiths. P. 45. OCLC 3364516. as the crow flies. "As the crow flies" The Phrase Finder. "As the crow flies" World Wide Words

Waiting (Kian song)

"Waiting" is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Kian. It has peaked at number 15 on the ARIA Singles Chart. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2019, the song was nominated for Song of the Year. Kian stepped into the spotlight singing on the chorus of Baker Boy's debut single "Cloud 9" in May 2017. Following the release of "Cloud 9", Kian released "Too Far Gone" in February 2018. In July 2018, Kian released "Waiting" a song he wrote in 2016, at the age of 14. Kian said "It's about that feeling of uncertainty when you don't know if they like you back – I know it's childish but I reckon everyone has found themselves in this insecure hole at some point in their lives no matter what age. Hidden within the lyrics are some things that relate to me along with metaphorical things to move the story along." In August 2018, the song was announced as the winner of the Triple J Unearthed competition. In November 2018, Kian signed a new recording deal with EMI Music Australia and Universal's Republic Records for the rest of the world.

The single was re-released on 30 November 2018. The music video for "Waiting" was released on 19 July 2018

The End Tour

The End Tour was the farewell tour of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featuring founding members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. The tour concluded Sabbath's 40+ year career; the final show was 4 February 2017, in their home city of Birmingham, UK. Initial dates were announced in a video posted on the band's YouTube channel on 3 September 2015 with more dates announced in October 2015; as with the previous tour, Tommy Clufetos filled in for original drummer Bill Ward, due to the latter's departure and animosity towards singer Ozzy Osbourne. An eight-track EP, entitled The End, was released to coincide with this tour and was only available at shows. Rival Sons were the sole support act for all of Black Sabbath's headlining shows. Five Finger Death Punch planned to join the oceanic leg of the tour, but canceled following Ivan Moody's Hospitalization. Osbourne said of the farewell tour, "this is it, it's run its course"; the tour concluded on 4 February 2017 with the final two gigs being played in the band's native Birmingham.

The last show was streamed live on the band's Facebook page. Prior to the gig, Ozzy discussed his emotions he was feeling, suggesting he would cry after the farewell. Osbourne was adamant this is the end, but intends to carry on with solo work, having returned following a 1992'final' solo tour. Iommi confirmed no more world remains open to a new album or one-off show. Iommi had been diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, the toll of touring on his health was the main reason to end touring. Osbourne did not prepare a speech, he closed the show with a simple statement to the crowd "Thank you, thank you so much." Ozzy Osbourne – lead vocals Tony Iommi – lead guitar Geezer Butler – bass guitar Tommy Clufetos – drums and percussion Adam Wakemankeyboards and rhythm guitar The tour grossed $84.8 million, with 1,074,495 tickets sold from 74 shows. Official Black Sabbath site Black Sabbath on Facebook Black Sabbath on Twitter


A. N. I. M. A. L. is a groove metal band from Argentina. The band's sound is a combination of thrash metal, groove metal and nu metal, most lyrics deal with issues of ethnic minorities and indigenous people of Latin America; the band experienced commercial success in the mid-to-late 1990s and toured throughout a number of Latin American countries, the United States and Europe, opened for numerous big names from the worldwide rock and metal scene such as Pantera, Bad Religion, Ratos de Porão, Suicidal Tendencies, Soulfly and Slipknot. The band started as Animal with the line-up of Andrés Gimenez, Roberto "el Polaco" Zelasek and Anibal Alo, but after Zelasek left the band, they had to change the name to A. N. I. M. A. L due to legal reasons. In 1993 Gimenez recruited Marcelo "Corvata" Corvalán as their new bassist and recorded their self-titled debut album, which had a more classic heavy metal oriented sound with some mild grunge influences. During that period of time, the band opened for Biohazard and Bad Religion in the Obras Sanitarias arena in Buenos Aires, Pantera at the same venue.

By that same year, drummer Anibal Alo left the band to be replaced by Javier Dorado, who left to form Mate Cosido in 1994, Martin Carrizo entered the band and recorded "Fin De Un Mundo Enfermo", which represented a drastic change in their sound to a more groove and thrash oriented sound influenced by the likes of Pantera, Prong and Biohazard. That album was the beginning of their rise to fame, as they sold out Cemento, numerous times and opened for Suicidal Tendencies and, once again, Pantera. In 1996 the band flew to Los Angeles and recorded "El Nuevo Camino Del Hombre", an album with a heavier yet more melodic sound, a little less Thrash oriented and embracing their Groove Metal influences with the incorporation of Drop C tuning, a five string bass, clean vocal choruses and a rap metal track called "Chalito", serving as a bridge between their previous more generation X oriented sound and the more millennial oriented sound they would embrace in releases. With this album, the band headlined a show in Obras Sanitarias for the first and only time, they opened for Sepultura in the middle of their Roots tour at the same venue.

By 1997, Martín Carrizo left the band while he was under contract for their new album recordings, so while they recruited Andrés "El Niño" Vilanova as their new drummer and went on to the Indigo Ranch andy hired Jimmy DeGrasso as a guest drummer to record "Poder Latino", produced by Max Cavalera and is considered by a lot of fans to be their best release and the band's big break. Once again their sound changed, this time their influences were much closer to the likes of Korn, Coal Chamber and the rising Nü metal scene, with bouncing riffs, rap verses, melodic choruses and the Drop-A Tuning; the album included lot of guest musicians such as Metallica's Robert Trujillo, Fear Factory's Christian Olde Wolbers and Argentinian Folk musicians Leon Gieco and Chango Farias Gomez. It includes 3 covers at the part of the album: "Cop Killer", "Fuerza Para Aguantar" and "Cinco Siglos Igual". During that period of time, the band toured all over Latin America and made their two biggest shows to date as headliners at Buenos Aires Vivo in front of 35.000 people, at the Velodromo of Buenos Aires in front of 15.000 people and closed that year at Parque Sarmiento in front of 7-000 people.

In 1999 the band returns to Indigo Ranch in Los Angeles to record "Usa Toda Tu Fuerza", produced by Richard Kaplan and Chuck Johnson, dug deeper into the band's newfound nü-metal influences. The album included a spanglish version of AC/DC's Highway To Hell featuring Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead. In 2000 the band toured in the United States as a part of the Warped Tour festival, alonmgside the likes of Green Day, No Doubt, NOFX, Papa Roach and many more. Toured in Europe and returned to Argentina to make a national tour selling out every venue. In late 2000 longtime bassist Corvalán and Vilanova left the band, but months bassist Cristian "Titi" Lapolla and drummer Marcelo Castro joined the band and went on to record "Animal 6", remembered as the band's heaviest and most brutal release to date, as it combined the updated sound of their two previous albums with more extreme influences and a slight return to their classic Groove metal sound. Since the band experienced several line-up changes that included Cristian Lapolla leaving in 2002 and being replaced by Hernan Cotelo and coming back that yeat, Marcelo Castro leaving in 2003 to be replaced by Javier Dorado and a returning Martín Carrizo.

In late 2003, the band entered to record their final album called "Combativo", which came out in 2004 embracing the nü metal sound once again. In 2005 they opened for Slipknot on September 29 and 30 at Obras Sanitarias, on October 9, headlined the indoor


Franzia is a brand of wine produced by The Wine Group, known for its box wines sold in 3 and 5-liter cartons. Franzia wines, throughout their history, were known as affordable table wines, popular in the 1960s and 1970s as "jug wine", now as "box wine"; the Wine Group is the third largest wine company in the world, behind Constellation Brands and the E&J Gallo Winery. The Franzia brand today has no business relationship with Fred Franzia of the Bronco Wine Company, known for its low-cost Charles Shaw wines; the Franzia family sold the brand to Coca-Cola in 1973 when Fred Franzia was in his early adult years. Teresa Franzia founded the Franzia Wine Company in 1906. Teresa's daughter, Amelia Franzia Gallo, was the wife of winemaker Ernest Gallo. Teresa loaned Ernest the money to start his company. Company Website

Ensbury Park Racecourse

Ensbury Park Racecourse was a short lived horse racing and greyhound racing course in Bournemouth between the Kinson and Ensbury Park areas. A new 88 acre aerodrome was constructed near Bournemouth at the end of 1917; the Royal Flying Corps together with a Wireless Telephony School moved in and it became known as RFC Winton. The aerodrome was vacated after the war by the RAF and the site became used for civil aviation from May 1919. A grandstand and racecourse was financed by the Ensbury Park Racecourse Company Ltd and built by the Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons in late 1924-early 1925 on a significant portion of the airfield. Horse racing started on 17 April 1925 and finished on 11 June 1928; the racecourse was used as the guide for aircraft racing during 1926 and 1927. The Ensbury Park Greyhound Company was registered in September 1927 with a capital of £10,000 and greyhound racing started on 7 January 1928 but the National Hunt stated that the greyhounds had to stop or they would withdraw permission for horse racing.

The greyhound racing was independent. Only nine meetings took place before the greyhound operation was transferred to Victoria Park in June 1928; the racecourse company went into voluntary liquidation in June 1928, the grandstand was demolished in 1934 and the land was sold and turned into housing that formed Leybourne and Western Avenue and Brierley Road. If the greyhound racing had stayed the racecourse would have experienced the significant profits that greyhound racing brought during the following twenty years