Ascanio Gesualdo

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Most Reverend
Ascanio Gesualdo
Archbishop of Bari (-Canosa)
Church Catholic Church
Diocese Archdiocese of Bari-Canosa
In office 1613–1638
Predecessor Decio Caracciolo Rosso
Successor Diego Sersale
Personal details
Died 27 January 1638
Bari, Italy

Ascanio Gesualdo (died 27 January 1638) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Archdiocese of Bari-Canosa (1613–1638), Titular Patriarch of Constantinople (1618–1638), and Apostolic Nuncio to the Emperor (1617–1621).[1]


Gesualdo was born in Naples in the later sixteenth century, the son of Michele Gesualdo and Maria Caracciolo. In 1609 he became a referendary of the Apostolic Signatura.[2]

On 1 July 1613, during the papacy of Pope Paul V, he was appointed to the Archdiocese of Bari-Canosa.[1] On 21 October 1615 he was appointed papal nuncio to the Brussels court of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella.[3] On 17 June 1617, he was transferred to Prague as Apostolic Nuncio to the Emperor.[1]

On 25 June 1618, he was appointed by Pope Paul V as Titular Patriarch of Constantinople.[1] On 17 April 1621, he resigned as imperial nuncio.[1] He arrived in Bari on 19 March 1622 and dedicated himself full time to his duties as Bishop of Bari. He held diocesan synods in 1624 and 1628.[2] He remained Titular Patriarch of Constantinople until his death on 27 January 1638.[1]

He died in Bari, where he was buried in the cathedral.

Episcopal succession[edit]

While bishop, he was the principal co-consecrator of:[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Decio Caracciolo Rosso
Archdiocese of Bari-Canosa
Succeeded by
Diego Sersale
Preceded by
Guido Bentivoglio
Papal nuncio to Flanders
Succeeded by
Lucio Morra
Preceded by
Vitaliano Visconti Borromeo
Apostolic Nuncio to Emperor
Succeeded by
Carlo Carafa
Preceded by
Bonaventura Secusio
Titular Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by
Francesco Maria Macchiavelli