Ascension Cathedral, Satu Mare

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Ascension Cathedral
Catedrala romano-catolică Înălţarea Domnului
Biserica SM.jpg
Location Satu Mare
Country  Romania
Denomination Roman Catholic Church

The Ascension Cathedral[1] (Romanian: Catedrala înălţarea Domnului or Catedrala romano-catolică Înălţarea Domnului)[2] also called Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Ascension It is the name given to a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church and serves as the cathedral church of the diocese of Satu Mare.[3] It is located in the city of Satu Mare, in the northern part of European country of Romania.[4]

Satu Mare cathedral was built between 1830 and 1837 according to plans by József Hilda, using parts of the former baroque cathedral (built in 1786). External architectural details are mostly neoclassical style, while inside prevail Baroque features.

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Coordinates: 47°47′33″N 22°52′35″E / 47.7926°N 22.8765°E / 47.7926; 22.8765