Asen Zlatarov

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Asen Zlatarov
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Born4 February 1885 Edit this on Wikidata
Died22 December 1936 Edit this on Wikidata (aged 51)
Alma mater
OccupationChemist edit this on wikidata

Asen Zlatarov (Bulgarian: Асен Златаров) (4 February 1885 – 22 December 1936) was a Bulgarian biochemist, writer and social activist.


sitting for a sculpture portrayal in Paris, June 1926

He was born in Haskovo on 4 February 1885, he studied chemistry at the University of Geneva (1904-07). In 1908 he became a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics at Grenoble University. He taught in Plovdiv, and in Munich (1909-1910), he edited the magazines "Chemistry and Industry" and "Nature and Science" and the libraries "Naturfishosophical Reading" and "Science and Life".

From 1924, he was visiting professor, and from 1935 a regular professor at the Sofia University, he is the author of literary articles, poems, lyrical prose and a novel. In the period (1925 - 1927) he is a member of the literary circle "Sagittarius", he collaborated with the literary period in the 1930s. An active participant is in the Bulgarian People's Maritime Agreement.[1]

Prof. Assen Zlatarov participated in the establishment of the Committee for the Protection of the Jews, together with the widow of the statesman Petko Karavelov - the public actress Ekaterina Karavelova, the writer Anton Strashimirov, Prof. Petko Staynov and others; the former "Mir" and "Word" newspapers published articles against the established committee, saying that it was not the job of Bulgaria, even more so for individual citizens, to be confused with the affairs of great Germany. On July 3, 1933, a meeting was thwarted, where lecturers were Ekaterina Karavelova and Anton Strashimirov.[2]


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