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Anne Welsh
Born Anne Liggins
(1916-01-25)January 25, 1916
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died July 18, 2010(2010-07-18) (aged 94)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Resting place Mount Olivet Cemetery
Nationality Canadian
Other names Ashpan Annie
Known for Survivor of the Halifax Explosion

Ashpan Annie (January 25, 1916[1] – July 18, 2010) was the name given to Halifax Explosion survivor Anne M. Welsh (née Liggins).

At the time she was 23 months old. Her brother Edwin[2] and mother Anne were killed in the blast, which leveled most of the north Barrington Street structure.[3] She was blown under the kitchen stove, where the still warm ashes in the ashpan kept her alive until she was rescued by a soldier, Sgt Davies and his dog along with a neighbour, Mr Henneberry, who was looking for his own family that had lived nearby[4] some 26 hours later.[5]

Her father, Pte Edward, was a soldier who was overseas at the time. She was taken to the Pine Hill Convalescent Hospital, where she was discovered by her grandmother and aunt.[6]

She worked as a laundry worker at a young age, married and raised her own family. Her husband, Angus Welsh, died in the 1990s.[7]

She lived most of her life in the Hydrostone district. She died at The Berkeley, Gladstone Ridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Several songs have been written about her.

  • Ash Pan Annie - Samantha Gracie[8]
  • Ash Pan Annie - David Stone and Friends[9]

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