Asian-Pacific Postal Union

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Asian-Pacific Postal Union
Asian-Pacific Postal Union.jpg
Logo of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union
Formation1 July 1982 (36 years ago) (1982-07-01)
TypeIntergovernmental organization
PurposePostal service
HeadquartersBangkok, Thailand
Coordinates13°53′10″N 100°34′13″E / 13.8860925°N 100.5701929°E / 13.8860925; 100.5701929Coordinates: 13°53′10″N 100°34′13″E / 13.8860925°N 100.5701929°E / 13.8860925; 100.5701929
Area served
Asia Pacific
32 state members
Lin Hongliang

The Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) was formed (in its current form) by International treaty through an Asian-Pacific Postal Convention signed in Yogyakarta on 27 March 1981.[1] The organisation has origins dating back to 1961.[2]

The purpose of the union is to extend, facilitate and improve the postal relations and promote cooperation in the field of the postal services between the member-countries; currently 32.[3]

APPU is a Restricted Union as defined by Article 8 of the Universal Postal Union, serving to coordinate postal services in the region.[4]

 Afghanistan  Australia  Bangladesh  Bhutan
 Brunei  Cambodia  China  Fiji
 India  Vietnam  Indonesia  Iran
 Japan  South Korea  Laos  Malaysia
 Maldives  Mongolia  Myanmar  Nauru
   Nepal  New Zealand  Pakistan  Papua New Guinea
 Philippines  Samoa  Singapore  Solomon Islands
 Sri Lanka  Thailand  Tonga  Vanuatu

Asian-Pacific Postal College[edit]

APPU also runs the Asian-Pacific Postal College (APPC) founded in 1970 supporting the training and development of member states' postal staff.[5]


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