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Asian Theological Seminary
Asian Theological Seminary logo.jpg
Established 1969
President Rev. Dr. Timoteo D. Gener
Students 1000[1]
Location Quezon City, Philippines
14°38′06″N 121°02′20″E / 14.635°N 121.039°E / 14.635; 121.039Coordinates: 14°38′06″N 121°02′20″E / 14.635°N 121.039°E / 14.635; 121.039

Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) is a theological seminary in Quezon City, Philippines. It is "one of the largest non-denominational evangelical seminaries in Asia" and is "passionate about discovering how to incarnate Christ in the diverse contexts of Asia and training workers who can minister the transforming Gospel in such contexts."[1]

Asian Theological Seminary was started in 1969 by Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (now SEND International) missionaries, including Dr. Elliot Johnson, now Senior Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Asian Theological Seminary affirms biblical inerrancy, total depravity, Jesus' "representative, vicarious, substitutionary sacrifice", and the return of Christ "to establish His kingdom on earth".[2] According to its Statement of Core Values, it values the "Word of God", community, spiritual formation, excellence, "contextualized witness", cooperation, and stewardship.[3]

Asian Theological Seminary has published the journal Phronesis (ISSN 2012-4066) since 1994.[4]

As of 2005, there had been 1300 master-level graduates from the seminary.[1]

Accreditation and partnerships[edit]

ATS is accredited by the Asia Theological Association to offer graduate diplomas in Biblical Languages, Christian Education, Advanced Pastoral Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Intercultural and Urban Studies, Theological Studies, and Transformational Urban Leadership; Master of Arts degrees in Christian Education, Pastoral Counseling, Intercultural Ministry and Theology, and Transformational Urban Leadership; and Master of Divinity degrees in Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Pastoral Studies, Counseling, Intercultural and Urban Studies and Theology.[5]

In 2000 Asian Theological Seminary entered into a coalition with Carey Theological College in Vancouver and the Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry (now Bakke Graduate University) in Seattle to offer a Doctor of Ministry degree in "transformational leadership for the global urban city".[6]

ATS is also part of the Asia Graduate School of Theology, a consortium of evangelical theological seminaries established by the Asia Theological Association in 1984 to enable member seminaries to offer higher degrees.[7]


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