Asker Upper Secondary School

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Coordinates: 59°49′53.7″N 10°26′14.88″E / 59.831583°N 10.4374667°E / 59.831583; 10.4374667

Asker Upper Secondary School
Asker videregående skole
HeadmasterCathrine Kittilsen Zandjani
Age range16-19
Number of pupils680 (2018)

Asker Upper Secondary School (Norwegian: Asker videregående skole) is an upper secondary school in Asker, Norway. Founded in 1955, it has 680 students aged 16–19, as of 2018[1]; the school offers general academics and sports.


Notable former (and current) students include Morten Harket (A-ha), and Helge Lund (CEO of StatoilHydro).

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