Aston Reservoir

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Aston Reservoir
Salford Lake.jpg
The north shore of the reservoir, with part of Gravelly Hill Interchange in the background
Location Birmingham
Coordinates 52°30′32″N 1°52′03″W / 52.508797°N 1.867388°W / 52.508797; -1.867388Coordinates: 52°30′32″N 1°52′03″W / 52.508797°N 1.867388°W / 52.508797; -1.867388
Type Reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom

Aston Reservoir, sometimes known as Salford Lake, Salford Park Pool or Salford Bridge Reservoir, is a 19th-century reservoir, formerly used for drinking water extracted from the River Tame,[1] in Birmingham, England. It was built by the Birmingham Waterworks Company[1] and was at that time situated in the parish of Aston.[1] On 1 January 1876 the company was purchased by Birmingham Corporation Water Department.

More recently, it has been a boating lake, although this is no longer the case. In the 1950s it was used for speedboat racing.[2] The area around the reservoir is used as a park, Salford Park.

It sits immediately adjacent to Gravelly Hill Interchange, and in a bend of the river.


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