At the Edge of the City

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At the Edge of the City
Ai margini della metropoli.jpg
Directed by Carlo Lizzani
Massimo Mida (co-director)
Produced by Fernando Croce
Written by Angelo D'Alessandro
Starring Massimo Girotti
Marina Berti
Giulietta Masina.
Music by Franco Mannino
Cinematography Gianni Di Venanzo
Edited by Guido Bertoli
Jenner Menghi
Distributed by Elios Film
Release date
5 March 1953
Running time
96 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

At the Edge of the City (Italian: Ai margini della metropoli) is a 1953 Italian crime film drama directed by Carlo Lizzani. The film stars Massimo Girotti, Marina Berti and Giulietta Masina.[1] In Rome a young man is falsely accused of killing his girlfriend. The film used neorealist style and was based on a real-life case.



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