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Church Atenas Costa Rica.jpg
Official seal of Atenas
Location of Atenas Canton in Alajuela Province
Location of Atenas Canton in Alajuela Province
CountryCosta Rica
 • Total127.19 km2 (49.11 sq mi)
(June 2013)
 • Total27,112
 • Density210/km2 (550/sq mi)

Atenas (Spanish pronunciation: [a'tenas]) is the fifth canton in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 127.19 square kilometres (49.11 sq mi),[1] and has a population of 27,112 (estimate as of 2013).[2] The capital city of the canton is also called Atenas.


Atenas as seen from Vista Atenas

It is a fairly compact canton, mountainous for the most part. The Río Grande (Great River) forms the border on the canton's north and east sides. As the river moves south, it is joined by two other large rivers, the Río Poás and the Río Virilla, before turning west again and forming the canton's southern border under a new name, the Río Grande de Tárcoles. The western border of the canton is established by a series of quebradas (canyons) that cut through the Coastal Mountain Range.


The canton of Atenas is subdivided into eight districts (distritos):[3]

  1. Atenas
  2. Jesús
  3. Mercedes
  4. San Isidro
  5. Concepción
  6. San José
  7. Santa Eulalia
  8. Escobal


The canton was established by a decree of August 7, 1868. It is named for the ancient city in Greece.


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Coordinates: 9°58′51″N 84°24′23″W / 9.98083°N 84.40639°W / 9.98083; -84.40639