Athletics at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's 110 metres hurdles

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Men's 110 metres hurdles
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Venue Panathinaiko Stadium
Dates April 7, 1896 (heats)
April 10, 1896 (final)
Competitors 8 from 6 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Thomas Curtis  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Grantley Goulding  Great Britain
1900 →

The men's 110 metres hurdles was the only hurdling event on the Athletics at the 1896 Summer Olympics programme. The preliminary heats were the first track event of the day on 7 April. Eight competitors ran in two heats of four runners each. Only the fastest two runners in each heat advanced to the final.[1]



The heats were held on 7 April. The top two finishers in each of the two heats advanced to the final.

Heat 1[edit]

Grantley Goulding of Great Britain finished first, in a time of 18.4 seconds. Szokolyi hit the last hurdle and stumbled, allowing Reichel to pass him and finish second.

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Grantley Goulding  Great Britain 18.4 Q, OR
2 Frantz Reichel  France Unknown Q
3 Alajos Szokolyi  Hungary Unknown
4 Anastasios Andreou  Greece Unknown

Heat 2[edit]

The Americans finished 1st and 2nd in this heat, with Thomas Curtis advancing to the final with a time of 18 seconds, and Hoyt second. Athanasios Skaltsogiannis of Greece and Kurt Doerry of Germany also competed, though their final positions are not recorded.

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Thomas Curtis  United States 18.0 Q, OR
2 William Hoyt  United States Unknown Q
3-4 Kurt Doerry  Germany Unknown
3-4 Athanasios Skaltsogiannis  Greece Unknown


The final of the 110 metre hurdles was run on 10 April. Reichel was forced to scratch from the final as he was serving as an assistant to Albin Lermusiaux in the marathon, and Hoyt withdrew in order to prepare for the pole vault. Thus, only two athletes competed, but they finished within one-tenth of a second. Goulding led at the final hurdle, being a better hurdler, but Curtis passed him in the straight and won a tight race by two inches.

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Thomas Curtis  United States 17.6 OR
2 Grantley Goulding  Great Britain 17.6 =OR
William Hoyt  United States DNS
Frantz Reichel  France DNS


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