Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's 10,000 metres

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Men's 10,000 metres
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
Venue Olympic Stadium
Dates 23 September 1988 (heats)
26 September 1988 (final)
Competitors 51 from 36 nations
Winning time 27:21.48 OR
1st, gold medalist(s) Brahim Boutayeb
2nd, silver medalist(s) Salvatore Antibo
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Kipkemboi Kimeli
← 1984
1992 →

The men's 10,000 metres at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea had an entrylist of 52 competitors, with two qualifying heats (52) before the final (20) took place on Monday September 26, 1988.[1]

Through the halfway mark, Kipkemboi Kimeli was pushing the pace close to the world record, marked by Brahim Boutayeb. Only Moses Tanui and trailing off the back Salvatore Antibo managed to stay in contact. More than 60 metres back, Arturo Barrios led the chase pack. As Tanui came up behind Boutayeb to tighten the lead group of three, Boutayeb went around Kimeli. The two Kenyans ran together in chase for part of a lap then Tanui was unable to keep up with the accelerated pace. Kimeli managed to keep close to Boutayeb but ever so slightly was losing ground. As Tanui faded, Antibo accelerated to move himself into a stronger medal position. By 5 laps to go, Antibo closed down on Kimeli. The two were jockeying for the position, Antibo first sprinting past Kimeli, then Kimeli accelerating away from Antibo. Boutayeb entered the last lap with a 20-metre lead and ran the last lap checking behind him. Coming down the home stretch, realizing the world record was out of reach, he slowed the last 30 metres and celebrated, blowing kisses to the crowd. Behind him, Antibo made one more move, sprinting around Kimeli, sprinting for home for the silver. Kimeli was unable to respond and cruised home for bronze still more than eleven seconds up on Jean-Louis Prianon and the best sprinting efforts of the rest of the pack.


Gold Brahim Boutayeb
Silver Salvatore Antibo
Bronze Kipkemboi Kimeli


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1988 Summer Olympics.

World Record 27:13.81 Portugal Fernando Mamede Stockholm (SWE) July 2, 1984
Olympic Record 27:38.35 Finland Lasse Virén Munich (FRG) September 3, 1972

The following Olympic record (in minutes) was set during this competition.

Date Event Athlete Time OR WR
September 26, 1988 Final  Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) 27:21.46 OR


Med 1.png  Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) 27:21.46
Med 2.png  Salvatore Antibo (ITA) 27:23.55
Med 3.png  Kipkemboi Kimeli (KEN) 27:25.16
4.  Jean-Louis Prianon (FRA) 27:36.43
5.  Arturo Barrios (MEX) 27:39.32
6.  Hansjörg Kunze (GDR) 27:39.35
7.  Paul Arpin (FRA) 27:39.36
8.  Moses Tanui (KEN) 27:47.23
9.  Marti ten Kate (NED) 27:50.30
10.  Antonio Prieto (ESP) 27:52.78
11.  Mauricio González (MEX) 27:59.90
12.  Evgeni Ignatov (BUL) 28:09.32
13.  António Pinto (POR) 28:09.53
14.  Kozu Akutsu (JPN) 28:09.70
15.  Rolando Vera (ECU) 28:17.64
16.  John Halvorsen (NOR) 28:39.35
17.  Shuichi Yoneshige (JPN) 29:04.44
18.  Bruce Bickford (USA) 29:09.74
 Boniface Merande (KEN) DNF
 Eamonn Martin (GBR) DNF


21.  Ezequiel Canario (POR) 28:43.02
22.  Alberto Cova (ITA) 28:43.84
23.  Pat Porter (USA) 28:45.04
24.  Steve Binns (GBR) 28:52.88
25.  Antonio Serrano (ESP) 29:01.13
26.  Musa Ahmed Joda (SUD) 29:03.87
27.  Pedro Ortiz (COL) 29:08.25
28.  Marcos Barreto (MEX) 29:18.14
29.  Boay Akonay (TAN) 29:19.06
30.  Paul McCloy (CAN) 29:34.07
31.  Lee Sang-geun (KOR) 29:37.14
32.  Ahmed Ebrahim Warsama (QAT) 29:37.99
33.  Stanley Mandebele (ZIM) 29:50.99
34.  Edward Nabunone (INA) 29:55.23
35.  Talal Omar Abdillahi (DJI) 30:08.53
36.  Policarpio Calizaya (BOL) 30:35.01
37.  Ismael Yaya (CHA) 30:47.29 (NR)
38.  Haribahadur Rokaya (NEP) 30:48.16
39.  Charles Naveko (MAW) 31:23.53
40.  Abdul Karim Daoud (YAR) 32:33.04
41.  Aaron Dupnai (PNG) 32:50.63
42.  Bineshwar Prasad (FIJ) 33:30.43
43.  John Maeke (SOL) 35:16.93
 Jose Manuel Albentosa (ESP) DNF
 Dionisio Castro (POR) DNF
 Andrew Lloyd (AUS) DNF
 Paul Williams (CAN) DNF
 Mike McLeod (GBR) DNF
 Kamana Koji (ZAI) DNF
 Tsukasa Endo (JPN) DNF
 Steve Plasencia (USA) DNF
 Martin Vrábel (TCH) DNF

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