Attic talent

The Attic talent known as the Athenian talent or Greek talent, is an ancient unit of mass equal to about 26 kilograms, as well as a unit of value equal to this amount of pure silver. A talent was intended to be the mass of water required to fill an amphora, about one cubic foot. At the 2017 price of $547/kg, a silver talent is worth $14,113, it was equivalent to 6,000 drachmae or 36,000 oboloi. During the Peloponnesian War, a trireme crew of 200 rowers was paid a talent for a month's worth of work, one drachma, or 4.3 grams of silver per rower per day. According to wage rates from 377 BC, a talent was the value of nine man-years of skilled work; this corresponds to 11.1 grams of silver per worker per workday. In 2004, a modern carpenter's median wage was about $25,060 per year or $226,000 for nine years of work. In 1800, a building craftsman in urban Europe received an average wage of 11.9 grams of silver a day, or about $0.49 a day. Adjusted for inflation, this corresponds to $6 a day in 2007 money.

Assuming a European worker in 1800 to be as productive as a worker in ancient Greece, the purchasing power of a talent in ancient times was about equal to $20,000 in the early 21st century. The plausibility of this calculation is confirmed by the fact that a talent of silver was worth $1081 in 1800, equivalent to $13,000 after adjusting for inflation. Attic weight Talent

1981 Tour de France, Stage 12a to Stage 22

The 1981 Tour de France was the 68th edition of Tour de France, one of cycling's Grand Tours. The Tour began in Nice with a prologue individual time trial on 25 June and Stage 12a occurred on 8 July with a flat stage from Roubaix; the race finished on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on 19 July. 8 July 1981 — Roubaix to Brussels, 107.3 km 8 July 1981 — Brussels to Circuit Zolder, 133.8 km 9 July 1981 — Beringen to Hasselt, 157 km 10 July 1981 — Mulhouse, 38.5 km 11 July 1981 — Besançon to Thonon-les-Bains, 231 km 12 July 1981 — Thonon-les-Bains to Morzine, 200 km 14 July 1981 — Morzine to Alpe d'Huez, 230 km 15 July 1981 — Le Bourg-d'Oisans to Le Pleynet, 134 km 16 July 1981 — Veurey to Saint-Priest, 117.5 km 17 July 1981 — Saint-Priest, 46.5 km 18 July 1981 — Auxerre to Fontenay-sous-Bois, 207 km 19 July 1981 — Fontenay-sous-Bois to Paris Champs-Élysées, 186 km

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust runs Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, St Peter's Hospital in Maldon, St Michael's Hospital in Braintree and St John's Hospital in Chelmsford until its closure in 2010. It was announced in March 2014 that the Trust would take over Serco’s contract for running services at Braintree Community Hospital from the start of April. A merger with Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was proposed in January 2018. On 31 July 2019 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care endorsed the merger and a provisional date of 1 April 2020 was agreed; the Trust predicts a deficit of £19.6m in 2013-14. In May 2014 it was reported that the trust, which posted revenues of £275m in 2013-14, faced a structural deficit of around £15m related to a Private finance initiative deal that funded a raft of improvements and was looking for a financial rescue package from the NHS Trust Development Authority.

The trust was one of 26 responsible for half of the national growth in patients waiting more than four hours in accident and emergency over the 2014/5 winter. Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission discovered during a visit in February 2015 that Broomfield and Braintree Community hospitals were using unqualified nursing staff in an emergency unit. In April 2017, the Care Quality Commission rated Mid Essex Hospital as "Good" overallThe trust spent £18 million on agency staff in 2014/5. In February 2016 it was expecting a deficit of £38.4 million for the year 2015/6, in February 2018 it expected a deficit of £55 million for the year. In November 2010, St. John’s Hospital in Chelmsford closed and all services were transferred to Broomfield Hospital. In 2017, Sam Penry, Diagnostic Radiographer and employee at Mid Essex NHS Hospital Trust Broomfield Hospital, was awarded the prestigious title of "UK Radiographer of the Year" by the Professional body The Society and College of Radiographers.

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