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Austin Senators

The "Austin Senators" is the name of various minor league baseball teams based in Austin, United States which played on-and-off between 1898 and 1964. Different incarnations of the Senators have played in the Texas League, Texas-Southern League, South Texas League Middle Texas League and Texas Association. In 1915, the Senators moved to the Middle Texas League and won two games as the "Austin Representatives" before relocating to Taylor, Texas due to severe flooding. From 1956-1967 they were affiliated with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. For the final three seasons of their existence, they were known as the "Austin Braves." After the 1967 season, the team relocated to Shreveport, depriving Austin of professional baseball for the rest of the twentieth century. Over the course of their existence, they won multiple league championships, their first came in 1906 under manager Warren Gill. They won their next in 1907 under Brooks Gordon. During this game, Senators player Harry Short scored seven runs on five hits, stole four bases and hit a double and a triple.

In 1911, the Senators won their third championship under manager Dale Gear. They won their final league championship in 1959 under the guidance of Ernie White. In that season, Charlie Gorin threw a no-hitter against the Mexico City Diablos Rojos. On the fiftieth anniversary of their championship season, members of the 1959 team reunited in Central Texas where they were honored during a Round Rock Express series and given championship rings. Riverside Park

Love Me Like the World Is Ending

"Love Me Like the World Is Ending" is a song performed by Ben Lee and is the first single from his album Ripe. It was the second most added song to Australian radio in its first week, it reached number 18 on the Australian singles chart and was voted number 96 in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2007. The single featured two other tracks which were subsequently released on the album Ripe - "Sex Without Love" and "What Would Jay-Z Do?". This was the first song featured in the TV series Life Unexpected. "Love Me Like the World Is Ending" – 3:46 "Sex Without Love" – 3:32 "What Would Jay-Z Do?" – 2:53 "Love Me Like the World Is Ending" – 5:06 Ben Lee - Love Me Like The World Is Ending Music Video at Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

Nestore Leoni

Nestore Leoni was an Italian painter and illuminator of manuscripts. He was a resident of Florence, he first studied in L'Aquila, but dedicated himself to the study of classic illumination of texts, including those in the Florentine Libraries, set himself to imitating the antique. Among his first works was the cover of an Album, commemorating the arrival of the Emperor William II of Germany to Rome; this work was praised by the professor Niccolo Barabino of Florence. Leoni was utilized to make designs for porcelain and for documents given in memory of occasions, for example by the Società Filarmonica Fiorentina to Madame Hastreiter, after a charity concert. Cavaliere Civelli commissioned from him covers for his edition of La Vita Nuova by Dante, which he decorated on parchment, in a style from the 1500s, reproduced with chromolithography, he completed in similar style the Canzone di Cino da Pistoia to Dante, on Death of Beatrice, offered to the queen of Italy in occasion of the centenary of Beatrice Portinari.

Video of Nestor Leoni in his studio on YouTube

National Security Resources Board

The National Security Resources Board was a United States government agency created by the National Security Act of 1947 whose purpose was to advise the President, in times of war, on how to mobilize natural resources and the scientific establishment to meet the demands of the Department of Defense. The goal was to do long-range and continuous planning to prepare the United States for adequate industrial and economic mobilization; the board was very ineffective because authority was shared by all eight members of the board rather than any single point person. In 1949, this was changed on the recommendation of the Hoover Commission. All power was vested in the chairman alone, the board was moved to be part of the Department of Defense, it was shifted to the Executive Office of the President. Its role was eliminated when its responsibilities were transferred to the Office of Defense Mobilization in June 1953; the organization had the following statutory duties: policies concerning industrial and civilian mobilization in order to assure the most effective mobilization and maximum utilization of the Nation's manpower in the event of war.

Programs for the effective use in time of war of the Nation's natural and industrial resources for military and civilian needs, for the maintenance and stabilization of the civilian economy in time of war, for the adjustment of such economy to war needs and conditions. The board was composed of eight members. In addition, at the time of its creation, the chairman of the National Security Resources Board served ex officio as one of only seven permanent members of the National Security Council; the first chairman was businessman Arthur M. Hill. History of the National Security Council on the White House website Text of the National Security Act of 1947 Archived Government Document

Samuel Beach House

The Samuel Beach House is a historic house at 94 East Main Street in Branford, Connecticut. Built about 1790, it is one of the town's modest number of surviving 18th-century houses, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. The Samuel Beach House is located east of Branford Center, on the north side of East Main Street just east of Beach Place, it is a 2-1/2 story wood frame structure, with a side gable roof, central chimney, clapboarded exterior. The roof has a steep 45° pitch, unusual for the period, is slight flared at the cornices; the main facade is five bays wide, with a symmetrical arrangement of windows around a center entrance. The window tops butt against trim pieces; the entrance is sheltered by a shed-roof hood. The second story and attic level both overhang the level below; the interior does not retain many original finishes, but its basic layout remains intact, as do three fireplaces. The house's construction was dated to 1790 by a survey of historic properties performed in the 1930s.

At the time of its listing on the National Register, it was still owned within the Beach family. National Register of Historic Places listings in New Haven County, Connecticut

2015 Pan American Race Walking Cup

The 2015 Pan American Race Walking Cup took place on May 9–10, 2015. The races were held on a 2 km circuit on Avenida Raúl Pey, Playa Chinchorro, in Chile. A detailed report of the event was given for the IAAF. Complete results were published; the event served as inaugural NACAC Race Walking Championships with a separate Women's 50 km competition. †: Extra athlete not eligible for team points. Note: Athletes in parentheses did not score for the team result. †: Extra athlete not eligible for team points. Note: Athletes in parentheses did not score for the team result. †: Extra athlete not eligible for team points. Note: Athletes in parentheses did not score for the team result. †: Extra athlete not eligible for team points. Note: Athletes in parentheses did not score for the team result. †: Extra athlete not eligible for team points. Note: Athletes in parentheses did not score for the team result. Note: Totals include both individual and team medals, with medals in the team competition counting as one medal.

According to an unofficial count, 152 athletes from 15 countries participated. Official website