Australasia comprises Australia, New Zealand, some neighbouring islands. It is used in a number of different contexts including geopolitically, physiogeographically, ecologically where the term covers several different but related regions. Charles de Brosses coined the term in Histoire des navigations, he derived it from the Latin for "south of Asia" and differentiated the area from Polynesia and the southeast Pacific. In Australia, "Australasia" is considered to be Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, the neighbouring islands of the Pacific. In New Zealand, it means New Zealand and former New Zealand dependencies. Two Merriam-Webster dictionaries online define Australasia as "Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia"; the American Heritage Dictionary online recognizes two senses in use: one more precise, being similar to the aforementioned senses, the other broader, loosely covering all of Oceania. Richards, Kel. "Australasia". Wordwatch. ABC News Radio. Archived from the original on 2007-03-18. Retrieved 2006-09-30.

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The Avenues (Kuwait)

The Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait and the second largest mall in the Middle East. The mall is located in the Rai area extending from Fifth Ring Road from the south and Al Ghazali Highway from the east, it opened under the patronage of the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah. It was the winner of the ICSC Gold Award for “Best Shopping Center 2013” under the Expansion and Design Category in the Middle East & North Africa, it features parking space that fits more than 10,000 cars. Its exteriors are surrounded by fountains; the 4th phase of the mall is being constructed and is expected to be inaugurated by 1st quarter of 2018. The 4th phase includes expansions to existing districts as well as new districts, The Arcades, The Grand Plaza, The Forum, The Gardens and The Cinema. There will be an increase in the number of stores from 800 to 1,100; the shopping mall has four distinct phases: Phase I having been complete in December 2006, Phase IIA in May 2008, Phase IIB in August 2009, Phase III in November 2013 and Phase IV in March 2018.

Across a span of twelve years, The Avenues has spent a total of 3,061,500,000 USD in building and constructing the shopping mall. The Avenues is home to a number of districts: 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, Grand Avenue, The Mall, SOKU, The Souk, The Arcades, The Cinema, The Gardens and Grand Plaza; the latter five opening as a part of the new extension of Phase IV. The mall is built under and managed by Mabanee Company K. P. S. C. Who have created the architectural design for the largest shopping destination in Kuwait. Gensler was the design architect from the UK The Grand Avenue is designed to feel like an outdoor space; the boulevard is covered with a transparent roof structure reinforcing and enhancing the outdoor atmosphere. This district was a part of the expansion of Phase III, opening to the public with major designer brands: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. in the Pristige district. Alongside the new openings of restaurants including Shake Shack, Cheesecake Factory, IHOP, Olive Garden and more; the architectural design that helped the feeling of being outdoors are the constructions and decisions of the interior.

The street is paved in stone along a path of trees on either side. Grand Avenue opened KidZania, a corporation that installs a child-sized model of a real city and gives children the opportunity to act as adults; the franchise opened in Kuwait in June'2013. The Grand Plaza the pinnacle of The Avenues development; this is a 640m promenade down Grand Avenue. Located at the end of Grand Avenue, Grand Plaza takes inspiration from civic squares around the world, creating a new meeting place and events space for The Avenues. There is a variety of trees lined on either side of the promenade, with available seating and gathering spaces for shows and performances; the Grand Plaza was a part of the latest installment of Phase IV. The most recent completion The Avenues held was the construction of Phase IV; the inclusion of numerous new districts, "the mall is expected to employ 30,000 people, some of which will work on the facility's 300 new stores". A four star and five star hotel are in construction, with TradeArabia, an Arabian business news information stating, "Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton’s smart luxury hotel brand, mid-scale Hilton Garden Inn open their doors to guests in early 2019 at the mall".

Mohammad Alshaya, chairman of Mabanee, said: “In planning the fourth phase of the expansion of this immense project, one of the most exciting additions, we are providing the ability for visitors to stay inside Avenues itself". The Avenues was created under the influence of the climate and region Kuwait is located in. Basing the architecture on the natural forms of the desert sand dune, rock formation and the sky, the neutral colors of the interior, the open window ceilings brings The Avenues Concept together. Among each respective district there is a particular influence behind it; the influence behind the Grand Avenue was to make the mall feel like it's a grand shopping boulevard, gathering European and American influence to construct the district, for example the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France, or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California. The influence from Hong Kong's Kowloon, the district is influenced by the bright lights and overall technology found in Asia; this is. The concept was to make the shoppers feel as if they were walking down Times Square in New York City, or Tokyo's Ginza district.

There will always be something fresh on display in this district, making every visit special and unique. Influenced by the country the mall is located, this district mirrors the traditional marketplace the Kuwaitis of the past used; this district is an interpretation of this region's traditional retail architecture, including narrow streets and a color scheme to match that of the desert. Involving traditional cafes and classic Arabic cuisines, this area encompasses the former Kuwait; the white modern space is influenced by the major cities in the world: Los Angeles, London. Offering shoppers a contemporary metropolitan shopping experience. SoKu finds inspiration from New York's bohemian SoHo district, is reminiscent of “edgy” city architecture, as well as numerous cafes and bistros, all designed to capture the attention of Kuwait's younger, trendier consumers. There are many national-based restaurants and stores found in the avenues. Since Kuwait is influenced by the British lifestyle, there are shops that has branched from England, to Kuwait

New Mexican Disaster Squad

New Mexican Disaster Squad was a hardcore punk band. It was formed in Orlando, Florida in 1999, their last show was at the Fest 7 on November 1, 2008 though the band did reunite to play Radfest in North Carolina, May 2010. The band's MySpace page describes their sound as "harken back to the glory days of American hardcore with equal influences from the east and west coasts", they released the last, Don't Believe, on Jade Tree Records. On December 28, 2008, a posting on the band's MySpace page announced that Goldfarb and Johnson had joined with Tony Foresta, the vocalist from Municipal Waste, to form a band called No Friends. Eight years Goldfarb, along with Chris Pfister, Chris Kretzer, & Zach Anderson formed a new Orlando Punk-pop Band, Debt Neglector. In August of 2018, they released their first album on Atomicland. Brian Wayne Etherington – Guitar, hat Sam JohnsonVocals, guitar Richard MininoDrums Alex GoldfarbBass guitar, vocals Weapons and Equipment of Counter Terrorism 7" New Mexican Disaster Squad/Destination: Daybreak Split CD Abrasive Repulsive Disorder CD New Mexican Disaster Squad CD New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction Split LP/CD Don't Believe CD Don't Believe LP Peace With Nothing EP Digital Download Peace With Nothing EP 7" USA Peace With Nothing EP 7" Europe NMDS MySpace page